Challenging Preconceptions of Graffiti

International graffiti collective, Graffiti Life is pleased to be collaborating with Bicester Village live art performance that will redefine graffiti.


GREAT graffiti life image

Founded and run by artists, Graffiti Life comprises some of the best street artists and creatives within the global scene. The London-based collective has been producing work together for more than seven years, with their individual artistic roots firmly based on the streets of the UK.

This exciting collaboration will see three Graffiti Life artists create two huge pieces over the course of two weeks, live at Bicester Village.

Graffiti Life working in Bicester Village 

In a celebration of the art form, the first piece challenged preconceptions of graffiti art, pushing the medium to its limits to create a beautiful and intricate floral landscape, inspired by Dutch masters and illustrations of flowers. The second piece celebrates traditional graffiti in all its glory.

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Sophie’s talents as a freelance portrait artist have led her to become an integral part of a prominent East London painting collective, alongside pursuing her personal artistic endeavours. Sophie’s skilful ability to render reality in spray paint is visible through the engaging street art she has produced over the past two years for the likes of Disney, Xbox and Bonobo. Her early years in rural Devon and her wanderlust have developed Sophie’s innate understanding of the natural world, which is reflected in her fluid, natural painting style and choice of subject matter.  

Curtis is the newest member of the Graffiti Life collective. The team recognised the talent of this young artist and various challenges have seen him flourish and quickly become one of the best urban artists in the country. Curtis is a versatile painter, able to turn his hand to most styles; however, his street work and personal pieces are inspired by the natural world. Curtis likes to juxtapose the forms found within plants and animals with urban and industrial settings. His ability to draw the skeletal anatomy of imaginary creatures is truly fascinating to watch! Curtis lives to create and describes becoming a full-time professional artist as 'a dream come true'.

Eduardo has been painting graffiti for close to 25 years. He is a versatile artist with a mastery of spray paint that few in the country possess. With his Spanish roots, he brings the Mediterranean style of street art to Graffiti Life: colourful, loose and laidback!  Eduardo is obsessed with toys, comics and cartoons of the 1980s and is happiest when he is painting big, bold, graphic imagery. A charismatic teacher, Eduardo is always open to sharing ideas and techniques, and has taught skills to many in the team. As a well-respected pillar of the graffiti community, Eduardo has an encyclopaedic knowledge of graffiti and street art and describes graffiti as 'the most creative art form in the world'.