Simply Noodles

Few things are as comforting as slurping on hot, delectable noodles. At Simply Noodles we live by the mantra of "fresh ingredients, fresh food" and it’s our mission to fuel your body with dishes that are both tasty and nutritious.  

Besides working closely with neighbouring suppliers for the best possible food produce, we have also honed our recipes to offer you a variety of wholesome and delicious noodles to tantalise your senses. Whether it’s the slow-braised beef noodles or the tender-stewed chicken noodles, each and every bowl is prepared with the strict attention to freshness and time-honoured recipes.

If you're looking for a quick snack or small bites to accompany your meal, Simply Noodles also offers up freshly steamed Bao Buns and Dim Sum that would delight your taste-buds.

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