Roti Roti


Roti Roti is born out of the love of the heritage and multi-faceted taste of Straits cuisine.  With influences from China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Ceylon and the Middle East, the Straits developed its own unique culinary culture. The kitchen’s methodology at Roti Roti is adopted from generations of family recipes and cooking techniques: every dish that’s being served is a nod to the values and traditions that give Straits cuisine its distinctive flavours. 

From fluffy Roti Prata (a Southeast Asian flatbread) and long-grain Bryiani rice, to slow-cooked Chicken Curry and fork-tender Beef Curry, the food here will undoubtedly tantalise your palate.  If you’re hankering for a good cup of tea, try Roti Roti’s Teh Tarik: a traditional milk tea served widely in the Straits, which boasts flavours that are robust, creamy and floral.