Meet our people


Hooman obtained his degree in Economics and Business from Oxford Brookes University in 2012 and has always wanted to work in luxury fashion. He worked in a boutique at Bicester Village from May 2013 until December 2014 as a Sales Assistant. He then changed to his current boutique, Oscar de la Renta, where he became a Senior Sales Assistant and later was promoted to Supervisor/Visual Merchandiser.

“At Bicester Village you are working in your independent boutique, but simultaneously you’re under this growing and rewarding umbrella; being part of this gives me an amazing feeling and is definitely an honour.”


Emma fell into retail while on a gap year before going to university. Her journey began in the cosmetics industry working on counters in department stores, which progressed to a Business Manager role supporting several accounts and organising events outside of stores. Emma moved to Bicester Village in May 2014 joining a luxury handbag brand as a Store Supervisor. Over a year later she progressed to Assistant Store Manager of a new store opening, returning to the high street. Missing the luxury of Bicester Village, Emma returned to the Village in her current role as Store Manager.

When asked for any advice to give to someone who wants to start in retail, she replied: “My advice would be to come to Bicester Village as soon as you can – I waited ten years working on the high street. In the Village things happen so quickly that in 18 months I’ve gone from being a supervisor to running my own store!”


Scott has been working in fashion retail for more than eight years, starting as a Merchandiser in Birmingham, progressing into a Sales Assistant role and working his way up to his actual position with Armani at Bicester Village. He started working in the Village in March 2015, having previously worked for prestigious fashion brands in Birmingham, the last of his roles being a Visual Merchandiser for one of the leading brands in the Bullring. 

He started as a Sales Assistant in Bicester Village, has been Supervisor in a smaller boutique environment and in one of the Village flagships, and is now a specialised Senior Sales Assistant with the world-famous Italian designer brand.

 “I fell in love with Bicester Village when I was opening a boutique for my brand and decided that this was the place where I wanted to work,” states Scott when asked why he moved to Bicester. In his opinion, the difference between working in Bicester Village and working, for example, on the high street is that it’s more enjoyable, it’s like being part of a family, with everyone in the same boat, knowing what’s expected from them, as they work towards the same goal together.


After finishing his studies, Jarrod, encouraged by a friend, started his first retail job in Bicester Village at the age of 19 as a full-time Sales & Stockroom Assistant. Here, he learned the basics of the job. He also discovered that his true strength lay in stock management. After 15 months he moved to Vivienne Westwood, where he was quickly promoted to a more stock-focused role. Finally, in December 2014, he moved to UGG to become a Key Holder in charge of the stockroom. He is now part of the management team of the boutique.

Jarrod says: “The last six years in the Village has changed me as a person. I feel like I have changed a lot and people I have worked withhave told me that I am a completely different person today, in the way I work with others and my attitude towards work.”


Working in Bicester Village makes you eligible for savings within the Village and at participating retailers throughout the region.


As a member of staff in one of the boutiques present in Bicester Village, you will be invited to participate in our Village Staff Training Programme.


You will be part of a community of more than 3,000 people, originating from all over the world and speaking more than 25 languages, but all driven by the same passion and enthusiasm.