Please note the L'Atelier boutique is now closed.

Poiray is part of the very select circle of the Place Vendôme’s Parisian watchmaking and jewelry trades. A lot younger than its competitors, Poiray has always approached its creative process with a unique perspective, sometimes unconventional, yet always chic. Elegant and trendy, the “Young woman of the Place Vendôme” seduces the woman of today. She is drawn to the free spirit of Poiray.

With a touch of magic, Poiray’s interchangeable watches and jewelry pieces transform and adapt to one’s mood and desires of the moment. Poiray embodies the eternal Parisian chic and offers a vision of playful and feminine luxury. Allowing you to design pieces that follow you through your life, whether they be gifts or family heirlooms passed on to further generations, along with the values we hold so dear.