A Guide to British Style


Explore the nuanced rules of dressing throughout the Great British Season with this ultimate Guide To British Style, the ultimate guide to the Season, dress-codes and much more.


Guide to British Style

About The Partnership

Bicester Village and Debrett's

In a year-long partnership that will be hallmarked by style advice and events, Debrett’s and Bicester Village have produced an intricate guide to the ever-complex dress codes.

Covering everything from the ‘Windsor Knot’ to the ‘Headscarf’ no fashion-stone has been left unturned in the effort to compile a comprehensive guide to dressing like a true-Brit.

About Debrett’s

Debrett’s has been known as the authority on etiquette, style and achievement for almost 250 years, since its founding in 1769.

Today, the brand shares its expertise through its publications and a training academy that teaches social, business and international etiquette and soft skills.

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