A Guide to British Style

Men's guide to dress codes with Tim Lord

Guide to British Style

What to wear to Wimbledon

The world’s oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon is a leading international sporting event, while the players famously have to wear all white, dress codes for spectators are more relaxed. Jeans and trainers are permitted and many spectators opt for a smart casual look. Here’s our guide to what to wear.

Guide to British Style

Men's guide to dress codes with Tim Lord

Deciphering dress codes for black tie or morning dress is not easy, with Debrett's expert and menswear stylist Tim Lord, we give you our top recommendations for what to wear to those formal daytime or evening events.

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One white shirt, five ways

The SS17 catwalks showed deconstructed shirts, with Alexander Wang cutting them into crop tops and Monse showing them falling off the shoulder; As part of our partnership with Debrett's and A Guide To British Style, here are five fresh ways to wear your shirt this summer...

About The Partnership

Bicester Village and Debrett's

In a year-long partnership that will be hallmarked by style advice and events, Debrett’s and Bicester Village have produced an intricate guide to the ever-complex dress codes.

Covering everything from the ‘Windsor Knot’ to the ‘Headscarf’ no fashion-stone has been left unturned in the effort to compile a comprehensive guide to dressing like a true-Brit.


Explore the nuanced rules of dressing throughout the Great British Season with this ultimate Guide To British Style, dress codes for the season and much more.


Guide to British Style