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Electro Pop and Soul

Sasha Brown - Live

Live on Friday 28 July 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Sasha Brown is an exciting singer, songwriter and saxophonist who effortlessly inhabits the space between electro pop and soul. Whether performing aching ballads like Home, or charming crowds at festivals, Sasha enchants audiences with her electric repertoire.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most?"I grew up on great female vocalists and writers such as Carole King, Whitney Houston and Gabrielle. I’ve always loved pop music. When I started playing the sax at 8, I made my teacher write out all of the letters on the music sheet so that I could play the ABBA album because I couldn’t read music at the time. I’m in awe of Tove Lo and Sia. I think they’re authentic and I like how they take artistic control over their projects. The whole concept of the dancer, Maddie, in Sia’s videos and campaign is on another level."

When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea?"It always starts with a feeling. It has to or it doesn’t mean anything! I usually get into the studio and we chat about life. It’s funny, you’re often working with new people and you just have to spill your life story and emotions to them. If you’re co writing, you need to be really open.


Harry Pane - Live

 Live on Friday 21 July from 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Harry Pane is a singer-songwriter from Northamptonshire. His live performance delivers effortless energy and he has a distinctive tone to his voice. He's been supported by John Kennedy at Radio X, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing & won 'Best Original Artist' at the #Roadtothe100club with PRS and Island Records. He has played at SXSW Festival in Texas, Glastonbury and racked up 200+ shows in the UK including sold out shows in London and his hometown in Northants in the UK. Harry has just completed his first UK tour for his new EP The Wild Winds, produced by Dani Castelar, released 7th April 2017.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most? "I grew up listening to artists such as Bob Dylan, John Martyn, Christy Moore, and Damien Rice amongst many others. I also find people like Jack White, Bon Iver, Rocco Deluca and The Black Keys really inspiring. I like to try and find the time to go and see other emerging artists live, who are at a level or two above me, I’m looking forward to seeing Luke Sital-Singh in London in May and I’d love to see Tom Grennan soon. It’s a great learning curve for me."

When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea? "For me parts of The Wild Winds EP are hugely personal but it was definitely a process I needed to go through and it’s something I couldn’t help but write about. The EP has a lot of variation to it, it was unavoidable really because I was just having fun creating it in the studio and experimenting with different ideas. It signifies an element of closure, following on from my EP Changing. Changing was written about mental health but it seemed to mean something different to each person."


Ollie Wade - Live

Live on Friday 14 July from 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Twenty-two year old singer-songwriter, Ollie Wade from Guildford has been part of a new generation of artists who are independently curating their own thriving audiences through social media online. Starting off by uploading covers on YouTube, to independently releasing to date 3 singles and a debut EP (Falling); Ollie has attracted attention from various media such as BBC Introducing, national television and multiple radio sessions and airplay. Having extensively performed live at a national level, including an intimate performance to The Duchess, Kate Middleton and headlining the famous venues such as The Borderline, Garage and Railway, Ollie continues to captivate his ever-growing audience with his heart-felt music and performances.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most?"I’m constantly feeling inspired my new and old artists of a variety of genres, which is why I love streaming sites such as ‘Spotify’ which allow me to discover new artists everyday. At the moment, I am into: ‘James Arthur’, ‘Lewis Watson’, ‘Bruno Major’ and ‘Ed Sheeran’. I also love artists such as 'Stormzy, ‘James Bay’, “Drake’ and ‘JP Cooper’. Furthermore, bands such as ‘Oasis’, ‘The 1975’ and ‘The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ get me inspired. There’s too many to name!"

Attitude. Individuality. Creativity.

Brand Spotlight: AllSaints

AllSaints is a British fashion label that captures the creative attitude and independent spirit of East London through its menswear, womenswear and accessory lines. From the brand’s iconic biker jackets to crafted knitwear and premium outerwear pieces, AllSaints offers a consistent focus on innovation and design to create original and desirable collections season after season.

Working hard to produce pieces of the best quality and continually improve design and production, it prides itself on craftsmanship, from its hand-picked supply partners and creative design team, to dedicated product technical team, all working to produce the highest quality collection.

LEATHER BIKERSNo wardrobe is complete without an AllSaints leather jacket, and its collection showcasing classic bikers and bomber jackets offers an investment in style, youth and attitude. Pair it with the brand's signature denim range, silk dresses or a patterned shirt for an iconic look.


Guide to British Style

Women's guide to summer style with Jo Bryant

In our partnership with Debrett's we decipher dress codes for daytime and evening events such as Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot, Epsom Derby and other summer season events with etiquette expert Jo Bryant.  

Deciphering dress codesEvery single event will have a specific dress code, and good etiquette means that you would dress for that occasion and adhere to those dress code rules. Think of the formality and look at the invitation. Think of the environment you are going to be in, and dress appropriately for that event. What styling tips can you give us for the summerThe best styling tip I can give when it comes to summer style is to make sure that you are never underdressed. It’s much better to be overdressed; you can always tone down your outfit. You might be able to take off your necklace; maybe change into a pair of lower heeled shoes or even remove a jacket to make yourself look more casual. What is Morning Dress?Morning dress is the formal dress code for British weddings and certain formal daytime events. For women you should think about a structured dress and a jacket to go with it; think about your footwear. The key thing here is to be remembering it’s a daytime outfit, not an evening outfit – so making sure the fabrics, the colours and the style of your outfit is appropriate for daylight time. What should you wear to those summer season events?There are also certain season events. For example, at Ascot you must wear something where your straps are at least one inch think. At Henley you are not allowed to wear any hem length that comes above your knee. There are also certain season events that are less formal; for example, at the polo and certain races meetings – for example Goodwood – where people think of it like a glorified garden party. So you don’t need to be wearing something so structured and you don’t have all those rules to adhere to but you still need to look your summer smart best!

Top Tip // When it comes to summer style and etiquette, it’s really about thinking about the event and dressing accordingly. The worst feeling is when you turn up to that really swanky event and you are not smart enough. It’s much harder to up your game, much easier to lower it.


5 Things We Love About Summer

Think of summer – think of sun, beaches and vacation, right? Just like everything else in life, we sensationalise the seasons, setting expectations for the warmest months of the year that will likely leave us crying into a pina colada shortly after the solstice. Come on, we all know that a dose of vitamin D doesn’t automatically lead to love, health, and endless possibilities, yet here we are, daydreaming out lives away. This year, we’ve decided to embrace all the simple pleasures that the sun-drenched season brings. Come and join us.

1. Keep it simple

Don’t sweat it. The sun might be out but that doesn’t mean you have to turn into an Instagram influencer, make a goji-topped acai bowl or suddenly become the life and soul of the office. You like what you like, even if that is a whipped cream frap and taking #hotdogsorlegs selfies. From the tropical scent of suncream right through to the pleasing crunch of ice in your ashy, burnt-espresso Americano – sometimes it’s the little things that make you the happiest. Ice-cream, flower crowns and mojitos all fall into this category too, but who cares? Enjoy.

2. Save time getting dressed


Get Summer Ready: The Holiday Timeline

Booked your beach getaway? Then time is ticking. We’ve made it easy for you to prep, preen and perfect your summer beauty routine, so you can look on point for all those holiday snaps. Let’s get started…

60 DAYS BEFORE – KICK OFF THE CLEANSEBoosting immunity and helping you to feel tip-top in time to bare all on the beach – check out our bikini cleanse here. Make sure you drink plenty of water and start your day with a nutrient-rich fresh juice. To reduce bloating and dehydration, be sure to cut down on carbs and caffeine.

45 DAYS BEFORE – AMP UP THE EXERCISEIt’s time to get moving! Whether you’re headed to the gym or rolling out your mat at home for a Pilates session, do something every day to raise your heart rate before your holiday. Not only will you burn fat and tone up, but the more you move, the more your lymphatic system drains away those pesky toxins.

30 DAYS BEFORE – WARDROBE OVERHAULThe holiday wardrobe is just as important as the holiday itself – just think of all those Instagram snaps! Chances are, you haven’t even come close to thinking about baring your pins in a summer dress; now’s the time to stock up on new swimwear and some key pieces to refresh your jet-set line-up. Need inspiration? Check our summer holiday edit.

14 DAYS BEFORE – CUT YOUR HAIRFor that ultra-healthy swishy summer feeling, book in for a trim a couple of weeks before you fly; the extra time will allow your new ‘do to settle in. Avoid colouring hair before you go; chlorine and sun exposure could have an adverse effect, and don’t forget to pack a daily leave-in conditioner.


The Holiday Edit

Got holiday plans? We’ve got the style to match. Whether you’re jet-setting to white sandy beaches for a spot of relaxation or heading for a weekend city escape, getaway season is officially calling. Your wardrobe on the other hand, may not be quite so prepared. With limited space in your suitcase, you’ll need to master the art of destination dressing, fast. Thankfully, with the help of these key pieces you’ll be ready to chase the sun in no time… 1. Cover-ups

Heading to the pool? Or going from beach to bar? Then you’ll need to ensure a beautiful cover-up is on your list. Opt for cool kimonos and kaftans in tropical colours and bold prints that instantly make you feel like you’re ‘on holiday’. Tie-dye prints and tassel trims instantly add style points.

2. Sandals

Set those feet free (pedicure is mandatory) with an essential pair of summer sandals. Whether you’re ticking off this summer’s trend for sporty sliders updated with colourful, contrasting straps or opting for chic wear-with-everything mules, there’s a pair to covet whatever your vibe.

3. Beach bags


The Ultimate Bikini Cleanse

With your summer getaway just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to embark on a detoxifying juice cleanse. And this little three-day saviour from our friends over at Raw Press is glow-guaranteed.

The health-boosting juices and nutritious meals below are designed to have you looking and feeling in tip-top condition. Snack on plenty of whole fruits and raw veggies in between meals, drink as much H20 as you can and skip along to a few Pilates classes the week of the cleanse.

Sun lounger, we’re coming for you.




Holiday Health Hacks To Swear By

The dichotomy between preparing our bodies for summer and what we’re happy to do to them as soon as we’ve checked in at the airport is almost amusing. Juice detoxes, facials and endless yoga are soon replaced with sangria, a thousand trips around the buffet bar and hours tanning by the pool. It seems that sun and temporary amnesia go together, sigh. Then again, isn’t the whole point of getting away, to get away from it all? Well, it doesn’t need to be black and white. Here’s how to live it up without completely giving up your healthy lifestyle. START AS YOU MEAN TO GO ON There’s certain parameters for alcohol and those stay in place even when you’re in the departures lounge: a mimosa is acceptable for brunch, champagne any hour after lunch and hard spirits should only be consumed post-supper, in-flight or if you’ve suffered a lengthy delay. You wouldn’t hit up your local at 8 am in the morning for a G&T (or maybe you would…), so don’t pre-drink before your early morning flight. The same goes for food – if fast food is usually a no-go, don’t introduce it before you get on an eight-hour flight. The key here is preparation. Pack a bento box the night before chock full of protein, leafy greens and avocado, ditch the coffee after boarding and drink plenty of water.

MAKE YOUR FOOD ROUTES If you’re anything like us, city breaks can soon become one giant banquet – and with so many foodie options to take in on every street corner, it would be rude not to eat out for every meal of the day. Why make it mindless, though – with a little bit of careful planning and some help from Google Maps you can build walking tours to every area of the city. Research all the hotspots you want to visit and start planning your itinerary around meal times. Before you know it, you’ll have walked 10K and really earnt that extra gelato (we don’t judge). Think of it as a walking meditation... with food.

BE STRATEGIC Here’s the kicker, with ice cream, gelato and frozen yoghurt – they all contain lots of milk, cream and sugar. On holiday, one scoop a day isn’t truly terrible, but anymore and you’re in dangerous territory. All-inclusive deals are an enabler of this habit, but it’s just not OK to go through a pint of ice cream every day for a fortnight. This is where you need to think of the calorie/enjoyment trade off. If you love it, eat it, but if it’s not your favourite, then give it a second thought. Lollies are often made from real fruit or coconut water and are a lighter choice than a sundae or milkshake.

CONSISTENCY IS KING Listen to your body. I know, being gluten intolerant while on the Italian Riviera isn’t ideal, but complex as the body is, it doesn’t know when it to turn on and off those sensitivities. The thought process is do now, deal with it later, but is that bowl of pasta really worth missing the sun the following morning because it’s wreaked havoc on your mood and energy? As best you can, stick to your usual diet. And if you just can’t resist, pepper in those casual food dalliances sparingly and mindfully.


Europe's Best Rooftops

Rooftops for summer. Ground-breaking, I hear you say – but would you rather be basking in the heat of a 30-degree day or shivering from the air con inside the standard cocktail bar? We think we know your answer and for that reason, we’re talking rooftops. Unless you’re suffering from vertigo, there’s literally no downsides to lounging outside with waiter service and the best views in the city. Slip on your shades, order a strawberry daiquiri or something just as predictable and revel in the beauty that is alfresco socialising. It’s time to get high…

RADISSON BLU, NICELa Terrasse at Radisson Blu, Nice, features stunning panoramic sea views over the picturesque Baie des Anges. Striped awnings protect you from the glare of the sun (but allow you to feel the heat), while the pool is perfect for cooling off between rounds. You might only go for the Instagram cred, but if you’ve made it to the roof, it’s worth ordering dinner and making a night of it. Aren’t you on holiday? The authentic Mediterranean menu has been specially crafted to be enjoyed outdoors and features fresh seafood and local produce. Getting a lounger in the height of summer could prove difficult, so stay alert. You know that time between sunbathing and dinner where everyone is sprucing themselves up? That’s your move.

ME, LONDONSitting pretty on the 10th floor, this flatiron-shaped space boasts both indoor and outdoor space along with panoramic views of London’s most recognisable landmarks. It’s a sanctuary from the fast-moving world below. The cocktail and drinks menu changes depending on what’s in season, so we suggest trying something special. The restaurant also offers a tapas menu and earthy dishes such as fried courgette flowers and bitter chocolate tapenade. Hotel guests receive complimentary access to this exclusive hide away, mere mortals need to argue their case. Go on, “kiss the sky.”

Style Icon

One white shirt, five ways

The white shirt is a staple in any stylish wardrobe. Cool and crisp it looks professional in the office, while thrown on with blue denim it brings a touch of chic to casual dressing. The SS17 catwalks showed deconstructed shirts, with Alexander Wang cutting them into crop tops and Monse showing them falling off the shoulder; but the best bet when looking for a white shirt is to keep it fairly classic and go for a shape and style that works for you. Natural fabrics such as cotton allow your body to breathe and looser, more relaxed cuts will work both at the weekend and tucked into a pencil skirt for a classic office look.

As part of our partnership with Debrett's and A Guide To British Style, here are five fresh ways to wear your shirt this summer.

The tuckIs it in? Is it out? With the half tuck, it's neither. Instead it's the coolest way to wear your shirt right now. This clever little styling trick adds a touch of polish to a more relaxed look. Rather than leaving your shirt completely loose, either tuck in the fabric between your two front belt loops, or at one side at the front and pull out slightly for a gentle billow. The half tuck will highlight your waist or bring attention to a particularly nice belt. If you want to bring more attention to that fabulous belt then opt for the full tuck with some decorator jeans for a perfect take on a casual street style.

The office update Opt instead for a looser cut and wear tucked into a high-waisted skirt for a modern take on workwear. If you're feeling daring, steer away from blacks and greys and choose a skirt in a bold print or bright block colour instead – after all, everything goes with white. For the evening, switch out your day wear skirt or trousers with a statement skirt in a luxurious fabric to make a bold entrance to a glamorous evening event. 

The beach cover-up The loose white shirt is your capsule holiday wardrobe saviour. Pull it on over a swimsuit as a chic beach cover-up, pair with denim cut-offs for sightseeing in the city and wear open and tied at the waist over a maxi dress for cooler evenings.


Lolé - Live

Friday 7 July from 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Singer-songwriter Lolé brings back a blend of 90s R&B with an electronic twist, to complement her ethereal soulful vocals. Keep an eye out for her upcoming debut solo EP, which will be dropping this autumn.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most? "Artists that most inspire me are Erykah Badu and George Michael because they are two of the greatest soulful artists."

When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea? "I feel the instrumental or beat, then create a melody by humming or free styling a melody over the track."

Guide to British Style

Men's guide to dress codes with Tim Lord

Deciphering dress codes for black tie or morning dress is not easy, with Debrett's expert and menswear stylist Tim Lord, we give you our top recommendations for what to wear to those formal daytime or evening events.

What to consider when looking to deciphering a dress code for a particular event

I would recommend concentrating on key details for various different dress codes, so morning suit, black tie, white tie, even a normal suit for a wedding I would definitely stick to black or midnight-blue for summer black tie events and then switch to a velvet for autumn or winter evening events that require black tie.For morning suits, the guidelines are grey striped trousers, and a black jacket.Feel free to add your own expression and personality to the morning coat or waistcoat.I don’t think you should conform to too many of the guidelines but there are boundaries there to understand and follow.

The difference between morning dress and black tie

You wouldn’t wear a morning coat after 5 pm or 6 pm generally, although they are both acceptable for weddings. Ensure the dress code is stipulated on the invite. I think morning coats are most commonly worn for the races, Royal Ascot or the Derby, or if you are presented in front of royalty so the main differences are day wear to evening wear.

Dress Codes

What to wear to Wimbledon

The world’s oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon is a leading international sporting event but it still retains its British garden party tournament roots. Strawberries and cream, picnics and Pimm's are the order of the day and members of the British Royal Family and aristocracy are often in attendance.

But while the players famously have to wear all white when they take to the grass courts, dress codes for spectators are more relaxed. Jeans and trainers are permitted and many spectators opt for a smart casual look. Here’s our guide to what to wear:


Wimbledon’s main court is home to the Royal Box, meaning there may well be some high-profile spectators in attendance. While comfort is key – it could be a long day – celebrities and royalty will have thought carefully about their look, so you may want to opt for a slightly smarter outfit.

For women, a summery wrap dress is ideal as it will keep you cool when the sun’s out and looks great with a lightweight blazer thrown over the shoulders if temperatures drop. High heels are not recommended by the All England Club as you’ll be walking over grass, but a low wedge or canvas sneaker is perfect.


Emma Lauran - Live

Performed on Friday 23 June from 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Inspired by the likes of Jessie Ware and Ellie Goulding, Emma has a spirit about her that is infectious and a bravery in her voice that can hush a crowd. Emerging from Exeter’s vibrant music scene, Emma has immersed herself in performing and fashioned her own brand of heartfelt and determined pop.



Zak Abel - Live

Performed live on Friday 23 June from 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Zak Abel is a 22-year-old British artist whose debut album One Hand On The Future is due for release in 2017. As well as featuring on the Gorgon City hit single, Unmissable, Zak has worked with notable artists such as Kaytranada and Joker. His latest single, Unstable, has already garnered close to 20 million Spotify streams. This year Zak played his first two sold-out gigs at London’s Scala venue. He plans to tour in the autumn.


From what artists do you get your inspiration for your singing style?"I'm inspired by a lot of 70s soul singers. People like Marvin Gaye, Bobby Womack, Tim Maia…" What age did you start to learn the piano and know you wanted to sing?"I started to teach myself piano at the age of 14. I've always been singing though. I only really started learning piano so I could play chords to sing my favourite songs over." When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick-start the idea?"For me a song normally starts with chords, then melodies, then lyrics – in that order. I find when  get the melody and chords, it makes me feel a certain way, which dictates the subject matter of the song I'm writing." Unmissable with Gorgon City was your first UK top 20 hit released on YouTube initially, how did this collaboration arise?"I was 18 and working with a producer called Jepordize at the time. His manager liked my voice and so when Gorgon City needed a vocalist for their tune, she put me forward to sing it. So I was sent the demo vocal of Unmissable and loved the song. I gave it a go and they really liked my version so they went with it!" 

What do you think was the catalyst for the record deal you were offered with Atlantic records in 2012?"My dazzling jazz hands. No, in all seriousness I'll never know exactly why I was signed to Atlantic. One of their A&Rs had heard some songs I had written and sung through a friend of his and it started there. I went in and had a very nerve-wracking meeting with the head of the label who made me sing and play guitar. Before I started he said basically, ‘right, you’re going to sing and play now and either I will like this or I won’t’, which was great to hear two seconds before you’re about to play to a record label! I’m just happy that he liked it!"

Brand Spotlight

N Peal - The home of luxury cashmere

Established in 1936, N.Peal is the destination for luxury cashmere in London and since then the flagship store in the iconic Burlington Arcade in Mayfair has been its home. This London heritage is key to the brand’s luxury identity and their essence of classic and timeless style.

With stores across London including Knightsbridge and Piccadilly, and new store openings around the corner, the N.Peal brand doesn’t stand still. N.Peal can also boast dressing Daniel Craig as James Bond in recent films Spectre and Skyfall – surely a true style icon. New designs and iconic pieces feature each season with modern shapes and bold colours at the fore, while retaining the impeccable detailing and craftsmanship that is expected from the highest quality luxury cashmere.


Lovingly crafted from 100% Mongolian cashmere N.Peal’s selection of ladies classic sweaters, chunky knit jumpers, and soft superfine knits are versatile wardrobe staples that you’ll want to wear all year round. Inject some colour into your spring summer wardrobe with this year’s seasonal colour palette of bold oranges and earthy khaki greens.


The holiday edit: All you need for your stylish break

This holiday season, we’re packing maxi dresses, printed shorts and oversized sunhats – perfect for never-ending island beach breaks to short and sweet city trips. 

So get ready for take-off, we have everything you need for your stylish sunshine break.


Sam McKenna – Live

Sam McKenna is a young British singer-songwriter and musician. Born in East London, her music is principally acoustic and composed using a simple, stripped-back style. Her song writing is vibrant and colourful with an intimacy in her lyrics that is both distinctive and memorable.

Performed on Friday 2 June - watch the performance on Facebook below.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most?  "I grew up obsessed with Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple but have recently been very inspired by MØ, Oh Wonder and ShyKids."

When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea?  "It alternates between having a melody first, be that on piano or guitar and following it with lyrics that seem to suit the key/melody or writing lyrics and finding something to go with them."


Festival hero pieces

If you’re lucky enough to be hitting this season’s festivals, then chances are you’re going to need a few new pieces to give your line-up an update…


Whether embracing your inner boho girl or adding a rock chic vibe to your outfits, hairpieces are a shortcut to getting your style festival ready. Give hippy waves the finishing touch with floral garlands or add edge to a grungy look by embellishing braids with hair rings for a pierced effect.


While you can trust that the music will be on point, the same can’t be said for the weather, so a pair of wellies should be at the top of your packing list. From classic camo greens a la Kate Moss to bold patterned pairs, wellies are more than just a practical feature at this summer’s festivals.


Pack like a pro

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that nobody likes packing. Can’t we just be sunning ourselves on the beach already? The list writing, the moving almost identical sandals (yes we can tell the difference) between the ‘definite’ and the ‘maybe’ piles… it’s not quite as glamorous as those enviable travel flat lays make it seem. Then there’s the task of fitting our inevitable new purchases, into our already overflowing bags for the trip home. It’s enough to erode all the good ‘resting-up’ we’ve been doing.

No need to have a breakdown before you’ve even got on the plane – just get wise and follow our guide.


Yep. We told you it wasn’t all pina colada-filled holiday snaps. But jokes aside, being organised is the best way to make sure you don’t overpack. Envisioning what your holiday will entail is sure to help you work out what you need wardrobe-wise. Write up an itinerary for your trip so you know roughly what you’ll be doing on each day – whether it be long beach days or mornings spent brunching around the hottest spots in the city. That way you can pack specific outfits for each day or event, staving off the wild need to add the tenth bikini into the mix.



Five summer apps we can’t live without

Whether you’re looking to get SPF savvy or you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, we've rounded up the five must-have apps that will help you manoeuvre your way through those scorching (with any luck) days of summer like a pro. So grab your phone and get to downloading.

For the die-hard coffee lovers – Secret Menu for Starbucks

Tired of the plain and the plain old crazy options – unicorn concoction we see you – itching to move on to something new to quench your never-ending thirst for caffeine? Feel free to swap your usual iced mocha lattes for the unpredictable – Butterbeer Frappuccino anyone? – with a little help from the not-so Secret Menu Starbucks app. The trusty app lets you browse and try the hidden gems you can’t and won’t stop raving about. And if you’re hiding an inner barista, you can even submit your own recipes.

For the ‘do-it-on-a-whim’-ers – Whym

So you’ve committed to a last-minute weekend getaway, but you’re stuck on what to do and what to see when you touchdown, we know the feeling all too well. Whym is the app for the last-minute, spur-of-the-moment, devil-may-care getaways, as it can help you score cheaper tickets for every bike tour or backstage pass your heart desires. Try Whym on a whim, your weekend break may just depend on it. No pressure.


The art of city dressing

Long balmy evenings and effervescent social calendars, balcony brunches and rooftop sips – not to mention your fellow commuters actually cracking a smile for once. Yes, the idea of summer in a buzzing metropolis is bliss. The reality of the rising heat on your #OOTD? You know the score. Summer in the city doesn’t have to equal a style sacrifice. Here’s how to up your game for everyone’s favourite season…


Thank the fashion gods that pastels are back in. While dark colours absorb heat, light colours reflect it, so it goes without saying that sweltering days call for blush pink, mint green and crisp white. They look breezy and summery too – and nothing shows off a post-Mediterranean tan quite like it. The lighter the fabric, the fresher you’ll feel – much-needed when we’re hopping in and out of Ubers all day long.



Reboot your summer look

Your warm-weather wardrobe needs a reboot? We hear you. The most fuss-free way is to swap the old for the new. And with these three covetable styles, you’ll nail it quicker you can ‘gram your OOTD.

WOMENAn unexpected hero piece, statement stripes and the brave new world of pink. Ladies, we bring you the soon-to-be-everywhere styles you need to flawlessly transition from spring to summer.

The hero piece: The embroidered cover-up Swap: your everyday denim jacket for an embroidered version Denim jackets have been a wardrobe staple since we care to remember, and it’s unlikely they’re going anywhere soon. You can invest in a new piece or breathe new life into distressed denim by turning to tapestry. Take our word for it, embroidery equals instant personality. How to wear it: For a military-inspired turn, opt for a longline utility jacket with intricate embroidery and style it with dark denim cut-offs. Or for a polished take, layer an embroidered lace jacket over a slip dress.

The staple: 50 shades of fuchsia Swap: florals for fuchsia Yes florals are forever pieces, but if you've overdosed on the trend, it's time to think pinkish. Every shade has flooded the catwalks, but not in your average blush tones. Get ready for an influx of hot pinks, raspberry reds and lilacs. How to wear it: Top to toe. Style a pastel satin bomber with a cerise jumpsuit and strawberry-red suede pumps for a highly Instagrammable take. The statement maker: Stripes Swap: Slogan tees for statement stripes There are stripes as you know them and there are statement stripes. The new school of stripes are banker, pinstriped, punchy and everything in between. How to wear it: Flaunt your fashion-forward ways with sleeveless asymmetric silhouettes or off-the-shoulder pieces in… you guessed it, stripes!



5 Tips for living creatively

Inspired by the art, music and culture of festival season? Us too. There’s something to be said about seeing the world slightly differently, thinking outside of the box and living a little more creatively. It all starts with inspiration and we’re here to kickstart yours. Paintbrushes at the ready…

Get curious Life is full of so many interesting things – and let’s face it, no matter how much yoga we do or green juice we sip, we’ll never have enough time to experience it all. So make it a challenge to try something new every week, whether that be indulging in the latest foodie trend (cronuts are so least season) or ditching your Google Maps and finding a new route to work. Push yourself to be curious about the world around you and pay attention, who knows what you’ll find.

Get festiveNot all festivals require days of trudging through mud and fighting off crowds in a mosh pit. From family-friendly beachside celebrations full of organic eats, surf lessons and cookery workshops to nights spent under the spectacularly star-lit skies of the Sahara– nothing unleashes creativity quite like a week spent doing something new. Discovering new artists, tasting new cuisines, meeting new people and dressing with flare and abandon awakens our minds and souls to new possibilities and ideas.

Get outdoorsBelieve it or not, there’s a whole world outside your four walls. Getting out of your space for a few hours is always refreshing. Why not pick an area you’ve not spent much time in before and plot out a walking route, complete with a riverside pub lunch? Or ditch the tech for an afternoon, pick up a book on something you’ve always been interested in and spend the afternoon in the park reading. Sounds blissful, because it is.

Get more playWe’re so over routine. Have desert for breakfast (twist our arm), or throw on some music and put Beyoncé to shame. Get down to the photogenic art shop you’ve always walked past and invest in some mermaid-hued acrylics and a huge blank canvas. Block out the afternoon and go wild. Create a masterpiece worthy of the Louvre – or your Instagram at least.

Festival Guide

Who's your festival style tribe?

Printed Tees, hippy sunglasses and fringing galore, hold on to your flower crowns because festival season is in full force. We've taken notes and put together a guide for finding your style tribe, whether you’re a first-timer, a seasoned pro or somewhere in between.



Live Music For The Summer Season

Stretch out those British summer evenings and catch the next big hit as Bicester Village announces an exclusive collaboration with Metropolis. Superstars Michael Jackson, Adele, The Verve and Drake have all recorded tracks at the world-famous recording studio in London.

The summer music series, ‘Metropolis Rising Live at Bicester Village’, is running all summer every Friday until 1 September. ‘Metropolis Rising Live at Bicester Village’ will feature Britain’s best emerging music talent including top 20 pop star Zak Abel and new artists Sam McKenna, Katy Hurt, Emma Lauran, Lolé and Harry Pane.

From folk to electro, there is something for everyone to enjoy, as the summer music series offers guests the opportunity to marvel at new musical sounds every Friday from until 1 September from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Men's Style Guide

How A Shirt Should Fit

As part of our Guide To British Style, menswear stylist Daniel Johnson gives us his golden rules to how a shirt should fit. Looking at the length and shape of your shirt compared to your frame, here are a few pointers to get you started.


"Without a well fitted shirt the whole outfit is thrown off. Men’s shirts sit right on the skin, so an ill-fitting shirt doesn’t feel good against the body.The shirt is the salt and pepper of an outfit"

If the size is too small you’ll never feel or even sit comfortably, if too loose you’ll feel bunched up; constantly having to adjust your shirt to feel relaxed. As such there are a few golden rules to follow that will keep you at ease and comfortable.


Health & Well-being

Top 5 Spas in Oxfordshire

Treat yourself to a pampering spa experience at one of the top five spas, all easily accessible from Bicester Village.  


Distance from Bicester Village: 2.5 miles

Just a stone’s throw away from Bicester Village, The Forest of Wellbeing at Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa promises to make you look and feel fantastic. With its holistic approach, the spa offers a range of therapeutic treatments and alternative therapies from top skincare houses including Germaine de Capuccini, Jessica, Vita Liberata and Lava Shells, for the ultimate top-to-toe pampering experience.

Style Edit

Borrow from the Boys

Tomboy style has always been a sartorial cult classic – but now more than ever we are seeing menswear-inspired looks saunter down the runway. There’s no question that borrowed-from-the-boys is a look that’s here to stay. And with good reason… it’s just plain cool. Struggling to nail down that effortless, dishevelled vibe? We’re here to help. STRIKE A BALANCEGoing all in on a menswear look can be too much – but go too-girly and you’ve lost that cool girl sensibility. As always with styling, it’s a matter of striking a balance and paying attention to detail. You have to think masculine versus feminine at all times and incorporate elements from both ends of the spectrum. If you’ve got a girly dress, think to yourself, “how can I add edge?” and throw on an oversized blazer, biker jacket or some chunky boots. On the other hand, if you have some tailored pants and abutton-up, think about adding something traditionally feminine like heels.

SHOW YOUR STRENGTHLike anything from coffee to make-up, you first have to determine your own personal level of intensity. This is where it can be good to pick a celeb style to emulate, so start your Pinterest board now. There is also the so-called model off-duty look – a fine tradition pioneered by Freja Beha Erichson and Daria Werboy, carried on today by new models like Binx Walton. If you’re a beginner to tomboy, start on the girlier side of things then kick it up a gear over time.

WATCH YOUR PROPORTIONSIn the same vein as striking a balance between masculine and feminine, you also have to watch your proportions. Oversized and menswear-inspired might be on-trend but you can’t wear all oversized at once. Balance volume with fitted, so if you wear volume on the top, keep it tight on the bottom and vice versa.

ADD SOME POLISHAll of the celeb tomboy style masters have one thing in common, their looks are sprinkled with some feminine elements and a certain amount of sophistication. Whether it be by adding a strong heel or flawless hair and make-up, there is always that push-pull of feminine versus masculine, casual and tailored, unplanned and deliberate. A great way to pull a look together is with accessories. If you’ve gone with a boyish look, add some girlish Mary Janes, sky-highpumps and a traditionally feminine colour or print.

BUILD IT UP If you’re not sure where to start, start small. Add in one element and go for the slow build. Pair a dress with some Oxford lace-ups or chunky boots, or throw a blazer or biker jacket over the top. If you always keep in mind blending female and male energy, you will be well on your way to nailing tomboy style.


Menswear Masterclass

There’s more to your look than you know. It only takes a quick peek of street style galleries from Fashion Weeks gone by to see there’s a clear set of tribes emerging in the menswear sphere. Time to know and own your clique we say, because it beats going it alone. The Creative You sport thick-rimmed glasses and you’re never seen without a high-brow ‘zine or journal to scribble in. Face it, you’re a creative intellectual (sub)consciously modelling your look after a bassist or burgeoning artiste. Your style is part cerebral rebel, part off-duty model. Swears by: Oversized trench coats and worn-in leather jackets. Distressed jeans, a slim fitting V-neck tee and lace-up boots are part of your daytime uniform. And when you want to dress it up, you opt for skinnies and throw on a denim button-down shirt. Spotted at: A lesser-known gallery away from the hustle and bustle, debating conceptual art or assemblage. Berlin's Kreuzberg district is your spiritual home. Soundtrack: Anything new, fresh and undiscovered. Indie bands headlining boutique music festivals home or away – would be on your playlist.

The Contemporary

You know which style blogs are worth their weight in Yeezys. Either you dabble in style blogging or you frequent fashion weeks like an insider. You’re a style-conscious, selfie-savvy gent and you know it.  Swears by: Designer collaborations and anything making the rounds on the runway will go straight to the top of your wish list. You’re eyeing up slogan tees and certain horsebit loafers as we speak. Spotted at: FROW at the latest ingénue designer showcase. By night, you can be seen sampling boundary-pushing dishes at an invite-only gastro pop-up.

Soundtrack: Drake, the latest Bieber album and The Weeknd feature heavily on your playlist, though you might not want to admit it. 

Food & Drink

Summertime Cocktails

Thought summer drinks were all pink bubbles and pina coladas? Au contraire. While crisp rosé and minty Pimms are certainly staples for sun-lit soirees, sometimes one requires a drink with a little more je ne sais quoi. Think South American twists or the paired-back elegance of dance-on-your-tongue Prosecco, shaken up with a bitter and woody sage.

Cocktail mixing is an enviable skill, and these balmy summer nights present the perfect opportunity to try your hand at a little ‘shaken not stirred’ magic. Let’s get mixing…


Ingredients:40ml/1 2⁄3 oz Gin 25ml/1 oz Monbazillac or other Sauternes-esque sweet wine15ml/ 2⁄3 oz Fresh lemon juice10ml/ 1⁄3 oz Saffron syrup (not essential but tasty; use sugar syrup otherwise) 3 chunks Honeydew melon, approx 150g/6oz 1 Sage leaf

Mix it up:Muddle melon and sage in the bottom of a shaker. Add all other ingredients and shake with cubed ice for 6 seconds. Double strain into a cocktail glass.

Top Tips

Finding Peace with Madeleine Shaw

We were thrilled to welcome Madeleine Shaw, a health & beauty coach, to the Village for the launch of her new cookbook ‘ A Year Of Beautiful Eating’ in conversation with Caroline Issa, Chief Executive & Fashion Director at Tank magazine. 

To help you find peace and improve your well-being during the change of seasons, we asked the wellness guru for her top tips on integrating meditation and mindfulness into our busy lives.

Tip #1. "Meditation is a hard one. I openly admit how hard I find it to sit still, but I try to take a few minutes each day to belly breathe. Sometimes in the morning and always at night, I’ll just close my eyes and feel my belly rise and fall."

Tip #2. "Whether you get cabs, the bus, tubes or trains, stick your earphones in and listen to some meditative or classical music. It’s very calming and allows your body to relax. Close your eyes and just listen. It can be hard not to read emails or check how your Instagram post is doing, but it’s good brain training."

Fashion Edit

Playing Dress Up

Places to be? When it comes to getting into the flow of occasion season, you’ll need a series of show-stopping looks to match. Whether your calendar is brimming with cocktail parties and you need an outfit just as high profile, or you’re looking to elevate your brunch style with a sophisticated spin, we’re here to make sure you create your best impression. Rise to the occasion with these key looks…


The look: Spring’s the perfect time to breathe life into your brunch outfits. To strike the smart-casual balance, dress up a pair of skinnies and T-shirt with a tailored pastel jacket and heels, a nod to the candy colour trend. Alternatively, take a dress down a notch by throwing on a denim jacket.

The details: The relaxed dress code of brunch means you can experiment more with your accessories. Why not try a statement tote or a fresh pair of trainers in new season colours? With warmer weather on its way, you’ll need a sophisticated pair of shades to style out al fresco dining; the bolder, the better.



Wedding Guest Style

Soon-to-be brides and grooms without a trusty wedding planner, we salute you. If you’ve decided to brave the planning alone, you may already be regretting the decision. The flowers, the cake, the venue and, of course, the dress – it can all get a bit overwhelming no matter how many Pinterest boards you’ve got on tap. But where it really gets tricky is when your guests’ preferences are thrown into the mix (i.e. you have to decide what on earth to dress them in.)

Don’t panic, our foolproof guide will help you avoid those pre-wedding dress code dramas. You can thank us later.

Dress the best man

There’s a good chance the best man will feature heavily in the wedding album, so it’s important not to overlook him when making your style selections. A top-notch ensemble is a must – after all, he’s been chosen as the big day’s number-one wingman. Simple, clean lines and high-quality fabrics are always the way to go, while a three-piece is a timeless option that works in any colour, from classic grey right through to tweed. To finish off the look, a statement tie, pocket square and watch is an elegant alternative to patterned waistcoats and silk cravats. Dapper enough to look sharp, but restrained enough not to show up the groom, not that that’s possible.

Dress the maid of honour


The Interior Refresh

GreeneryGreen is back in all its glory – that is until it’s warm enough for us to spend all day outdoors, obviously – and no, we don’t just mean the fiddle leaf fig kind. We mean Greenery, Pantone’s ‘fresh, zesty yellow-green’ colour of the year. Think freshly mown lawn (is there a more spring-like smell?), dimpled lime peel kissing the edge of your Margarita glass, lush palm leaves and crisply bitter green apples. Rejuvenating, bright, refreshing and new. If an eye-catching statement wall or a crushed velvet sofa is a bit too ‘jungalow’ for you, try different tones of green, like adding emerald linen napkins to your dinner table or pairing palm print scatter cushions with crisp white bed linen. And, of course, the humble houseplant is back in the spotlight so don’t forget to give them some TLC with a regular watering and a spot in the sun.

TextureWell-curated textures are the key to sending an almost-there-room to the glossy pages of your favourite magazine. Tactile pieces turn a room from something beautiful to behold into something enticing to experience, adding curiosity, interest and the undeniable, irresistible urge to reach out and touch everything. Swap out your traditional dining chairs for acrylic ones, and add cushions in bright, contrasting prints. Collect magazines in roughly hewn grass baskets or create a focal point in your bedroom with abaca side tables. Combined with statement lighting, contrasting texture will add that bespoke ‘collectors’ feel, while upholstered headboards are a quick and classy way to up the opulence-factor in the bedroom.

Geometric lightingIf we’re honest, we’ve seen one too many Edison bulbs hanging from bistro ceilings and the windows of our local coffee shops. Welcome to the classier, more artistic option: geometric lighting. From warm metals like brass and copper to structured chandeliers, spring sees lighting take on a sharper, more sophisticated look. Gone are the days of hiding your light bulb under a floral-print, frilly-bonnet shade. These days we’re all about strong lines, cage-like creations and hexagonal shapes. If you’re looking for an excuse to hang a geometric-inspired conversation-starter chandelier in your entrance hall, look no further. Statement lighting fixtures, just like first impressions, are everything.

Upholstered headboardsYou just have to spend a few minutes flipping through design magazines or perusing interior websites to know that this trend is on the up. Chic fabrics, iconic prints and unusual shapes are all big players in the bedroom this season. Choose a statement colour (we’d recommend green, obviously), pair it with an eclectic mix of linen in different textures – think roughly woven throws – and plush cushions and you’ve effortlessly combined three trends into one (so smug). Bedrooms are the centre of rest and relaxation and a luxuriously puckered headboard, or a simple wingback will add an undeniable old-world charm.


Surviving Wedding Season

We’re now stepping into wedding season – a sweet invitation to ubiquitous marquees, five-course tasting menus and the most Prosecco you’ve seen in one place, at one time. Sounds perfect, right? Wrong. The novice wedding goer might be surprised to know that anything can go wrong beyond RSVPing on time, but the amateur knows. You know. Here’s how to deal when the day just doesn’t go your way. You didn’t plan your route and the venue is way further than you thought Survive it: Communication comes through in various forms, so when you read or hear something, it’s easy to take mental note and move on, earmarking it for review at a later date. Problem is, the later date is usually the day of the event, leaving you with zero contingencies if you then discover what you thought was correct was actually wrong. The impact of the misunderstanding depends on the degree of the slip up, but when you confuse New York for York, there’s only one solution – lie. Make up a story, feign illness, kill off a family member (not literally, of course), anything’s better than admitting to a bride on the edge of breakdown that you didn’t bother to read the invite she spent two months designing. Truth is power, except not this time. You’re on the bridesmaid sub list, and you’ve just been called to action Survive it: There’s nothing worse than being drafted into a wedding party at the eleventh hour. Even if you can see past the fact you were drafted in as a last resort, it throws a curveball for your plans to woo your plus one, or wow your ex with an incredible dress you no longer get to wear. It takes time, at least three dress fittings and as many bottles of wine to actually get into the mind-set that you have a role to play in the ceremony besides eating five courses and dancing the night away. To make this work, you’ll need to step up to the plate, moving forward by ripping off the band aid. So, the dress doesn’t fit, the bridesmaid you replaced has shot more than one knowing glare in your direction, and your date left an hour ago. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You found out about the social media ban too late Survive it: Kim and Kanye were probably more lax about their nuptials than the bride and groom of this wedding, and the first mention of a social media ban proves it. Not only is it inconvenient (weddings pictures yield most likes), but it’s particularly embarrassing when you posted anyway and have now been called out. In this situation, there’s only one thing to do – suck up your pride, put aside the fact that a social media ban by any non-celebrity is pointless, and delete the picture. Better still, just don’t do it in the first place. You might have hit it off with the best man, but this isn’t your big day – you’re but a pawn in the bride’s plans.

Style Notes

Ted Baker Spring Style

Step into the season on the right foot with Ted Baker’s gorgeous collection. Here’s everything we’re coveting for the months ahead…


It’s all about prints this season, ranging from the big and the bold right through to pared-back pastels. Make a subtle statement in artistic A-line dresses, mixed up with bold reds and pinks, perfect for the warmer evenings ahead. Geometric stripes give a futuristic feel to the range, pairing monochrome base colours with mint, coral and yellow hues. Sorbet shades are also set to be big this season and Ted Baker has it covered; expect floaty, loose-fitting dresses in soft vanilla, creams and powdery blues. Perfection.


Style Notes

Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2017

When it comes to the sartorial start over, there’s no one we trust more for the low down than Fashion Editor Harriet Quick. Get ready for trend overload.

80s GLAM

The era that delivered power shoulders, Working Girl miniskirts, slinky body-con dressing and a whole lot of lamé is back. A generation of designers who were toddlers at the time are pillaging the stylistic memes of the sex, power and glamour decade and reprising that exuberance for now. What this trend requires is guts and daring. Miniskirts will feel naked after seasons of flowing lines, just as bold shoulders will seem alien. Yet the confidence-boosting benefits are manifold. Look back to the icons of the era for inspiration from the supermodels in Alaïa to Nan Kempner’s taste for boxy tailoring and Paloma Picasso’s flamboyant big earrings and taste for Saint Laurent. 



English Country Garden with Nikki Tibbles

If you’ve visited Bicester Village recently you will have experienced the sheer beauty of our very own English Country Garden, created by London based florist Nikki Tibbles. Think mystical sprawling trees, quaint potting sheds, beautiful English orchids, fragrant herbs, wild flowers and vintage bicycles. Throughout 2017, the gardens will continue to evolve with the seasons, creating a fully immersive experience for all our guests…

We caught up with the brains behind the installation to talk creative vision, inspiration and bringing the concepts to life in your own garden.

What was the inspiration behind your transformation of Bicester Village?

The inspiration behind the transformation at Bicester Village was very much looking at the Oxfordshire countryside and bringing the countryside to the Village. We wanted to create a garden – a typically English country garden – within the Village. 


Katy Hurt - Live

Performed on Friday 16 June from 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Growing up in the States, Katy gained an understanding and appreciation of the country sound before moving to Southern England, where she currently lives. Katy Hurt is rapidly becoming one of Britain’s most successful country singer-songwriters, with her last two releases reaching number one and two in the iTunes country chart.


Lo-fi surf rock

The Llamas - Live

Performed on Friday 9 June from 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Influenced by artists such as Mac Demarco, Jack Johnson, Homeshake and 1970s rock, The Llamas play lo-fi surf rock, all while championing good times and rhymes.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most?  “We're really inspired by the sounds of Mac Demarco, along with old '70's bands like Thin Lizzy and The Eagles.”

When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea?  “The first thing I do when writing to kickstart the idea is, if we're writing as a band from scratch, we like to start with the beat; if you've got a good beat, you're halfway to having a good song. If I'm writing in my own (Josh Martin, vocals and guitar) then I'll start with the chord progression, see if it inspires me.”


Malory Torr - Live

Performed on Friday 26 May - watch the performance on Facebook 

22-year-old London singer/songwriter Malory Torr is often described as ‘quirky and unusual’. Malory has a rare sound using a combination of ukulele, guitar and banjo to create her indie/pop originals.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most?  "I grew up obsessed with Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple but have recently been very inspired by MØ, Oh Wonder and ShyKids."

Brand Spotlight

Five things we love about Disney X Coach

Disney fanatics take note – you can now wear your love for the cartoon clan on your sleeves with the exclusive Disney X Coach collection, created with Coach Creative Director, Stuart Vevers.

Inspired by 70s and 80s Mickey Mouse, the collaboration features handbags, backpacks and totes – in Coach’s signature styles – as well as trainers, coasters, keychains… we could go on. But, this is not your average Disney paraphernalia; the collection takes a timeless yet tongue-in-cheek approach that we just can’t get enough of.

Here are the five items at the top of our wish list…

#1 The leather jacket

Brand Spotlight

Q&A with Ian Bergin

As part of the Brand Spotlight series, we caught up with Ian Bergin, Design Director at one of the the most iconic British brands, Barbour, to talk about deep-rooted  brand values and challenges of keeping brand heritage and reimagining designs for the modern world.

Initially a brand synonymous with country living, Barbour has now expanded to extensive lifestyle collections – how do you maintain the connection with the label's heritage roots?

"Barbour was established in 1894 by Scotsman and entrepreneur John Barbour. The brand has always stood for ruggedly constructed, serviceable clothing, which in its purest form is design through function and to meet the rigours of its intended end use. We stick to these values in everything we do as we continue to evolve our offering as a brand."

Tell us about your artistic process – do you have a defined starting concept for each collection or does this develop over time?

Stylist's Picks

Watches & Jewellery Edit: Top 3 pieces for every occasion

From engagements to anniversaries and graduations to birthdays, our in-house stylist Sara has your special moments covered with standout pieces from the L'Atelier watches & jewellery boutique.


Georg Jensen necklace

"Be the leading lady that commands attention when you walk into a room with this decadent Aria Fan necklace by Georg Jensen."

Georg Jensen watch


May Must-Haves

Summer’s on the up and it’s time to finally shed those layers. Stay cool by keeping it simple – then pepper your look with striking accents. Think unique tees, embellished kicks or out-there sunnies. It’s time to throw some shade.

STYLED TO A TEE The T-shirt may seem basic, but does it have to be? Slogan, branded or plain, fitted, oversized or cropped… the options are endless and an impeccable collection will stand you in good stead, allowing you to get creative with your summer ensembles. From the clean lines of James Dean and Brando, to the ripped-up styling of The Ramones, all the way through to the new, hip-hop inspired long-line. No matter your preference, there is one key to the perfect tee – it’s got to be

FRAME IT Statement shades are your one true must-have. Save yourself the squinting (and the ensuing smile lines) and keep a pair on you at all times. To make it easy, when it comes to this season’s hottest styles, it’s a case of anything goes. Keep it classic if that’s your MO or get as loud and proud as you like. With options this bright, you gotta wear shades!

KILLER KICKS Fresh kicks are the linchpin for nailing that nonchalant summer look. After all, it makes a lot of sense to start at the bottom and work your way up. Clean white sneakers are the perennial summer go-to, but why not add a statement sneaker to your collection this season. When it’s too hot to fuss around with the rest of your outfit, cool kicks are a great way to show off your personal style.


All about that braid

The braid is back in a big way – sleek and centre parted, tousled or woven into a crown, we’re all about these easy, breezy styles. Because no one has time for third-day festival hair.

THE MESSY BRAIDLet’s face it, looking flawless and fuss-free is #goals. Time to embrace that messy braid we say.

The steps:1. Give yourself a deep side part, separating your hair in two sections. Then separate each section in two again, which will leave you with four sections of hair.2. Starting with the section on the far left, cross underneath the second section, then over the third section – you get where we’re going with this – as though you were basket weaving your hair. Continue until your hair is completely braided and secure the end with a clear hair tie.3. Gently tug sections of the braid apart to loosen it up a bit, for that Instagrammable ‘I woke up like this’ look.

Wear it with: A slinky slip dress, layered jewels – nothing clunky though – and ankle boots. Carry your essentials in a tan leather backpack.


Festival Snapchat 101

No matter how handy you are with an iPhone – trying to capture your Gigi-inspired make-up, overpriced (but oh-so-photogenic) jackfruit burger and the awkward dancer in the crowd after a few too many rosés is, quite frankly, impossible.

So if you want to induce FOMO in your followers this festival season (and ensure you have some cracking Snapstories backed up for the long journey home) just read on.

Snap hacks

There’s more to Snapchat than face-changing filters; so for those who have moved on from the flower crown, it’s time to discover the number of extra features. Think animated stickers, GIF profile pictures and our favourite Bitmoji add-on that allows users to create their own cartoon character. Total game changer.

Try: Activating airplane mode and creating stories sans Wi-Fi. It will save your data – need we say more?


Europe’s Best Glamping Getaways

Love the idea of the great outdoors, but can’t quite do without your creature comforts? We’re talking more of the hot tubbing and less of the mosquito swatting that comes with camping. Home or away, this is glamping at its finest.


THE SCENE: A little retro, a little chic. Geodomes, woodland and wildflowers – oh my! Named after a sixteenth-century medieval castle, you’ll find De Etchyngham on the site where Glottenham castle once stood, overlooking picturesque woodland and lakes.

THE SELLING POINT: Perfect for those in search of slow paced living, serene scenes or that elusive electronic detox.

THE SUITCASE: Warm and wet weather gear – so trusty Wellington boots or leather ankle-grazing hiking boots and parkas are just some of your must-haves. In other words, come prepared for an English summer!

Blogger Picks

Activewear Top Picks - She Wears Fashion

Kavita, founder of fashion and lifestyle blog, She Wears Fashion shares her top picks on how to master the activewear trend. Based in Sheffield, Kavita is a self proclaimed lover of fashion and travelling. 

"I've been massively into mixing stereotypical sportswear pieces into my everyday wardrobe recently"


Spring Beauty Trends

Feeling like your beauty regime could do with a spring clean? We hear you. Cue shimmering sun-kissed skin, rich berry-hued lips and those striking supermodel fringes we’re all dreaming of perfecting. That’s right – we’re bringing you the must-have beauty and hair trends fresh from the SS17s shows. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll show you how to recreate the looks and beauty rituals at home with a few insider tips. Let’s get started.

THE ALL NIGHTER Dial up evenings with dewy skin and vampy lips.

Master the art of the ‘All Nighter’ with a high-octane, dark power lip. Rich wine and purple tones from autumn/winter are sticking around for spring… because if it ain’t broke, why fix it, right? Enrich plum-hued lips with a sprinkling of glitter and keep the rest of the look minimal; think ultra-dewy skin highlighted across the cheeks, temples and cupids bow to give an added glow. To complete this low-key evening look, add just a flicker of mascara and keep hair ultra-shiny and sleek in a centre parting. This trend certainly makes us want to go out, out… who needs sleep when you can look like this?

BANGS & BOBSThe one word for spring’s biggest hair trend? Choppy.

Travel & Lifestyle

Europe’s Best Brunches

To celebrate Spring Bank Holidays, we’ve scoped out four of Europe’s most brag-worthy brunch spots to add to your little black book…

LONDON: BOURNE & HOLLINGSWORTH BUILDINGS42 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell |

THE VIBE: Eclectic cool. Plush velvet armchairs with bold floral accents complement the refined interiors and fresh bouquets. It’s the go-to spot for in-the-know Londoners.

THE MENU: There’s a hefty brunch menu – from Huevos Benedictos to braised beef. Oh, and if the bottomless Bellini brunch with fresh peach fruit purée doesn’t beckon you, we don’t know what will.

THE GUESTLIST: Take your interiors-loving mum and no doubt she’ll rave about this for months to come.


Live Performances in the Village


Creation Theatre is Oxfordshire's leading professional theatre company. For the past 20 years, they have delighted more than half a million people with their eccentric, inventive takes on Shakespeare and classic texts.

Following the success of their Shakespeare themed performances in Bicester Village in 2016, they are delighted to return for a second year with some very special excerpts from their acclaimed interpretation of Alice.    

Join us this April and enjoy live performances throughout the Village every Friday from 2pm till 6pm. Come along and celebrate Spring holidays with Bicester Village!


Style Edit

Top Five Activewear Must-haves For Men

If you’ve kept up with the resolution to pack in more hours at the gym in 2017, you’re doing better than the rest of us, but if you’re still loading your workout gear into that drawstring number you used as a school PE bag, then something has got to change!

1. Make your morning workouts a more stylish affair with Jack Wills’ classic Ledbrook duffle bag. Between the sleek, simple design, modish colour options and quality canvas material, you’ll be up and at ’em before your alarm goes off! 

2. Treat your feet with Sandro and Superga’s new collaboration, showcasing six sleek new designs and offering a modern take on Superga’s iconic 2750 trainer. Utterly wearable, the Sandro x Superga capsule collection comes in a colourful array of soles to choose between and are made from a cotton lining to keep weary feet cool and collected. Find them at the Bicester Village Sandro boutique for a limited time only. 

3. Spring is tiptoeing in the background, leaving us in that risky is-it-coat-or-is-it-jumper-weather phase. Cover the bases with a Polo Ralph Lauren bomber jacket, perfectly suited for long country walks during midseason weather conflicts! 

4. There’s no denying that getting yourself motivated enough to prize yourself off the sofa and into your workout gear is no easy task. Making it easier though is Michael Kors, whose cotton stretch fleece pants are so comfortable you’ll find the real struggle will be changing back out of them! 

Blogger Picks

Activewear Top Picks - Emtalks

Em Sheldon, founder of multi-award winning blog, Emtalks shares her top picks on how to master the activewear trend. Based between Leeds & London Em loves beauty, fashion, food and is a self confessed fitness fanatic. 

"I’m loving the trend of athleisure, gorgeous clothes to work out in but also, clothes you want to be seen out in"

Blogger Picks

Activewear Top Picks - The Everyday Man

John Robertson, founder of The Everyday Man, an online magazine blog offering men a curated mix of all things fashion, fitness + lifestyle shares his top picks on how to master the activewear trend.

"Keeping fit is really important to me; I try to squeeze in some sort of exercise everyday. I tend to carry my gym gear around with me as I head into town for meetings and events so it’s really important that I have a stylish bag to keep everything in"

Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight: BOSS

Introducing the BOSS Green Collection

BOSS Green delivers premium, functional athleisure pieces – bringing that weekend feeling into the every day.

Discover BOSS’ Premium Golf Collection

Designed to maximise your performance, BOSS Green combines innovative fabrics and technical details to create a distinctive style on the golf course.


Q&A with Nile Wilson

We have had the wonderful privilege to meet Olympic gymnast and horizontal bar bronze medal winner, Nile Wilson. A key member of the silver-medal winning British team at the 2015 World Gymnastic Championship, Wilson also became a five times gold medallist at the European Junior Gymnastics Championships, and in the same year he won four additional medals – including gold – at the Commonwealth games. He joined us for a jaw-dropping demonstration of his amazing skills on the pommel horse, and to talk to us about life, training, health, travel and all things Olympic medal-winning!

What age were you when you realised gymnastics was for you?

I started when I was four but it was when I was going into my early teens that I knew I had an opportunity to make the Olympics. Coaches kept telling me I was talented enough to do so. But ever since I started I have absolutely loved the sport and it is my passion.

Many aspiring gymnasts look up to you, who inspired you when you were younger?

The GB team guys who were competing at the London 2012 Olympics, like Louis Smith and Max Whitlock. I'm now lucky to be very good friends with them as well as team mates.

Designer Spotlight

Q&A with Paul Smith

Work, life, travel – today, the suit has to work harder than ever to keep up with the modern demands of everyday life. But what if there was a suit so smart that flexibility, breathability and versatility were woven into its very fabric? A suit that could tackle the commute to work, sail through a full day of meetings and head out in the evening still looking as fresh as it did when you first took it off the hanger that morning.

Crafted from 100% high-twist worsted wool with remarkable crease recovery and natural temperature regulation, Paul Smith’s A Suit To Travel In does just this. More than that, it typifies Paul Smith’s desire to create clothing that really works.

Read on to learn how Britian’s foremost designer is on a mission to create clothing that stands up to the demands of everyday life and find out how a lifelong love of cycling has driven Paul’s appreciation of clothing that performs.

How do you create clothes that keep up with the demands of today’s modern man?

Top Picks

Athleisure Must-Haves

We’re giving ourselves permission to invest in these ‘forever pieces’ this spring! Re-energise your leisure wardrobe with irresistible athleisure must-haves to take you from the studio to brunch.

Dodo Jewellery

Created in 1995, Dodo was the first brand to offer a range of unisex, multigenerational jewellery featuring pendants that convey concepts such as love and friendship. Going beyond their decorative function, Dodo designs tell a story and send a message; they are jewels with sentimental value.

Discover Dodo at the Time & Gems boutique at Bicester Village.


Destination Detox: Inside Europe’s best wellness retreats

March is the new July. Don't believe us? Take a look around the office and count the empty desks. Fresh off the heels of the year’s toughest months, the start of spring offers boundless opportunity and a sunny outlook, hence why it’s the perfect time to indulge in some critical ‘me time’. We're not talking about all-inclusive drinks and French fries by the pool though, this pre-summer getaway is about winding down in order to build back up – a delight for both the body and mind. From boot camp to vipassana, yoga to juice detoxes, this is the time to really make good habits stick, so that when it finally comes to summer, you can really enjoy it. Read on for our pick of the best wellness getaways in Europe.THE ONE THAT FEELS LIKE A HOLIDAY MARINE ESCAPE; RADISSON BLU 1835 HOTEL & THALASSO, CANNESSix days, 24 treatments. There’s no need to say more. Radisson Blu’s ‘Marine Escape’ package is designed to fully service the body with minimal effort – perfect for those who seek solace in a fluffy, white bathrobe and an aromatherapy massage. With its own private beach, the hotel boasts a full-service spa, Turkish baths and a rooftop restaurant. Wake up to the sound of the ocean and spend long days nourishing the body with Thalassotherapy sessions – the therapeutic use of seawater, algae and seaweed to promote health – yoga, healthy food that actually tastes good, and half-board accommodation so that all thinking time and decision-making is kept on the down low.

Indulge in this Cure package and enjoy 4 spa treatments per day for as many as 6 days.THE LIFE CHANGER YEOTOX; YEOTOWN RETREAT, NORTH DEVON, UKBased in picturesque North Devon, mapped by rolling hills and glorious surf, Yeotown offers its signature Yeotox programme – ‘a modern take on a traditional detox’. Over the course of five days you enlist in both physical and mental endurance and release – coastal hikes, strength training, reading, massage – and are fuelled by a ‘fad-free’ diet (no cabbage soup here). This isn't a detox or retreat that you leave at the checkout desk, the programme is designed to set you up for life, those five blissful days are a mere side product. The Yeotox programme runs every week from Wednesday to Sunday. The five-day Yeotox Programme costs £1,870 and all accommodation and meals are included. THE MEDICAL DETOXDETOX PROGRAMME; SHA WELLNESS CLINIC, ALICANTE, SPAIN This macrobiotic-based wellness spa and clinic is the best of both worlds – it’s luxurious and good for you. Designed to detoxify and purify the body, help you combine a healthy diet with physical exercise and complementary therapies, and improve your general physical and mental wellbeing, the Detox Programme is like a check box of solutions to everything that’s wrong with city life. Don't let the five-star accommodation lure you into a false sense of security; a week here is no walk in the park. You'll be assessed through a medical exam and laboratory tests, and then prescribed a diet for the week, Chinese medicine and therapeutic treatments, and even lymphatic drainage, cryotherapy and colon hydrotherapy. Literally, a new you. A seven-day Detox Programme costs €3,150 and all accommodation and meals are included. THE ESCAPE FROM REALITYESCAPE TO SHAPE, LAKE COMO, ITALY (AND VARIOUS OTHER LOCATIONS) There’s no point in going somewhere Instagrammable and sunny only to spend a week holed up in a yoga studio or weights room. Escape to Shape offers a curated blend of travel, culture and wellness, and is designed to give you an off-the-beaten-track experience within some of the world’s most beautiful cities and towns. Although the company offers retreats everywhere from Cambodia to Chile, the Lake Como one is one of our favourites. Italian food? We're in. The only effort you need to make is pushing the button on the booking and travel to Milan. Once you're there, revel in the indulgence and luxury of an exclusive nineteenth century villa (complete with swimming pool, tennis courts and unparalleled views of Lake Como), enjoy morning power hikes, daily yoga, cooking lessons and cultural day trips. Still at your desk? You know what you need to do. A six-day retreat at Lake Como, Italy costs $4,500, based on two people sharing, and includes all accommodation and meals.

Brand Spotlight

Streetstyle with Sandro

We all know (or Instagram stalk) that one person who embodies unapologetic cool – and thanks to Parisian label Sandro – renowned for their clean lines and contemporary classics – you too can ooze streetwise allure and finally achieve that coveted cool-girl/boy status. Prepare to take notes…ATHLEISURISE!A staple for street style darlings and style aficionados, the humble sweatshirt has now assumed full cult status. What else is versatile enough to complement leather leggings and tailored tracksuit trousers equally well? Time to make nice with the athleisure trend and stock up on statement sweatshirts, we say.The Sandro way: Team the ‘Relax’ sweatshirt with cropped high-rise jeans and complete the look with bold pumps, because you can.KNIT CHICThe building block of every effortless, envy-inducing wardrobe is textured knitwear. Need convincing? Well, the classic wardrobe essential has been elevated with functional yet eye-catching accents such as patch pockets and tonal panelling in recent years. Find pieces that are lightweight with a flattering neckline, so you can wear them solo or underneath a cropped leather jacket.The Sandro way: Relaxed with a hint of sports-chic, the knitted top – accentuated with a contrasting patch pocket and a denim panel across the chest – is made for faded jeans on off-duty days.PLAY WITH PATTERNWhile streetwear will always be synonymous with keeping it cool and casual, it’s time to part ways with the hoodie, break away from the monotony of monochrome and embrace patterns. Geometric and graphic motifs are the perfect way to elevate your on and off-duty wardrobe, while keeping it decidedly fuss-free.The Sandro way: Style a geometric-pattern crochet dress brought into focus with contrasting colour threads with ankle boots for added style points. Guys, layer a graphic long-sleeved jumper with ribbed trims with a fitted black leather jacket and stiff leather boots and you're good to go.TURN UP THE VOLUMEExaggerated silhouettes – in the form of billowy shirts, oversized trench coats and pieces with plenty of movement – are scene-stealers designed to help you cinch the effortlessly stylish urban look, while tapping into the minimalist vibes du jour. The Sandro way: Turn heads by pairing a fringed suede jacket with a sheer geometric-print top and faded jeans. Guys, team a voluminous silk shirt with a cropped leather jacket, adding slip-on sneakers for instant cool.

Style Guide

Activewear, Active Life: The Lookbook

Clean lines, modern accents and athletic detail – it’s now acceptable to wear gym clothes 24/7. Here are the all-star looks to sport this season … WOMENSWEAR: FOR THE BOARDROOMIn case you hadn't clocked it yet, we've developed quite a penchant for all things active – and while the trend’s relaxed vibe is a dream for the weekend, it doesn't have to stop when you're on the clock. Playing the office style game has never been easier – infuse edge into your working wardrobe by mixing in core pieces with a sports luxe feel. Think streamlined track pants, sleek bombers and elegant pumps. Much like your Sunday morning yoga class, balance is the key. Going for bold detail? Stick to luxury textures. Opting for trainers and a sweater? Even it out with tailored trousers in a play-it-safe hue. Move over suiting, this is your new 9-to-5.MENSWEAR: FOR AFTER-HOURSTired of that faithful shirt and jean pairing? Re-energise your menswear evening look with a sporty sensibility. Wait a second though – we're not saying hit the bar in your sweats (sorry). So what are the rules? Stick to accents rather than statements – pivotal evening basics can be totally transformed by low-key twists. Basically, leave your tracksuit in the locker-room and you're good to go. These are the details you need on your radar.WOMENSWEAR: FOR RUNNING ERRANDS Too busy to deal? Minimise sartorial stress with a sports-meets-streetwear approach. Effortlessly cool and quietly comfortable, run your errands in a combo of cashmere knitted joggers and soft cotton tees – topped off with a sleek leather jacket for that credible city spin. As for footwear, as much as we love a good heel, sometimes we just haven't got time for the drama. Swap in for artfully designed trainers and move seamlessly in style from one errand to another. Cool running indeed. MENSWEAR: FOR THE OUTDOORS March might mean that spring has sprung – but we're not ready to lose the layers anytime soon. Luckily, this season’s sports inspired pieces make for a winning (and warming) combination. Tap into the trend with thick graphic sweaters or dare to be bold knitted cardigans of bright geometric prints. If the pieces push you out of your comfort zone, pare it back with a neutral cover up. Oversized coats are the laid-back hero of the moment – go big or go home people.

Style Edit

Celeb Best Dressed: Sports Luxe

Sandro, Roberto Cavalli, Marni – we don’t care who takes credit for sparking the sportswear ‘trend’ that’s refused to leave us for the last few seasons. All we care about is that it’s not going anywhere. Seriously – please don't take it away from us. Mastering sports luxe style is easy to underestimate; there’s more to it than just pulling on sweats, lacing up a pair of high tops, looping your hair into a ponytail, and calling it a look. Follow a few simple rules, however, and you'll have low-key dressing down to a tee (literally). SHOW CONTROL Self-restraint is the most difficult part of any comfortable look, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Pick one piece – an oversized hoodie is a good place to start – and incorporate it into your everyday repertoire. Look for elevated styles in luxe fabrics, with contemporary detailing such as raw trims, embellishment or graphic motifs. Grey, navy and bright solid-colour pieces will dissolve edgy all-black outfits, adding interest. Remember: style is often a juxtaposition, so although those running shoes feel like heaven, always balance low with high.THROW SHADE Just because something feels good doesn't mean that it can’t make a statement. Take your cue from Yeezy. Pick one base colour and plan your outfit around it – building tonal layers creates contrast and limits the time you need to spend considering your wardrobe decisions. Rich olive hues are universally flattering and team just as well with earthy sand tones and lighter moss shades. And the best part? It doesn't matter how low-key your outfit is; tonal dressing always yields maximum impact for minimum effort. Win, win. LAYER UP Sometimes, when a model makes an outfit their uniform, it lures you into the false sense of security that you too could make it yours. This isn't one of those times – thanks Gigi Hadid; we like your skinny-leather-leggings-and-bomber-jacket combo, and we're going to work it too. The draw with a bomber jacket is that it instantly adds a cool, athletic feel to your look, and you don't even need to zip it up. Drape it over your shoulders, tie it around your waist, double it up – choose a timeless style in olive or black, and wear it for seasons to come. NON-COMMITTAL

As appealing as dressing down is to some, the mere thought makes others recoil. Here’s the good news – sports luxe is a still a trend you can tap. A bomber jacket in tactile satin or silk is lightweight and elegant, while embroidered and embellished detailing adds individuality. Keep your style as is and think of the athletic aspect as an add-on, rather than the focal point of your outfit. Try switching out heels for pumps with a slip dress or pairing leather culottes with an oversized tee or hoodie rather than a silk shirt. RIDE THE WAVE

Beach-blonde waves and sun-kissed skin isn't a prerequisite for Candice’s laidback style, but they definitely don't do it any harm. The perfect travel outfit, love-worn denim and a cropped white tee always looks fresh and feels comfortable. Kick the sports vibe up a notch, switching anything fancy for your best beat-up low tops, and wrap a bomber jacket or sweatshirt around your waist. It might feel like you circa your teenage years, but that’s what makes it cool.

Style Edit

How to wear the athleisure trend

Athleisure is the catwalk trend that shows no signs of abating. Growing in popularity, alongside our interest in health and wellness, this blend of sportswear and everyday wardrobe is wearable, comfortable and can take you straight from the barre to the bar without a complete outfit change. As the boundaries between work and everyday wear blur, athleisure has become suitable for almost every occasion, even the office, as long as you style it right – matching tracksuit bottoms and hoodie are still a no-no in most management meetings.

The leggings

Fitness leggings have undergone a style overhaul in recent years. Forget the obviously sporty, cropped pants of old, now they come in every style, length and fabric and follow catwalk trends religiously. For a pair that will take you from the office to the gym, look for bold patterns, colour blocking or luxe materials such as wet-look fabrics. From Pilates to press-ups and pounding the pavement, the new women’s collection from Ted Baker ‘Fit to a T’ utilises sports fabrications and trims to ensure a supportive and stylish workout. With signature florals, geos and colour-block separates to coordinate. Pair with a heel and loose shirt to avoid looking like you've just finished Zumba. Once you hit the gym, replace your shirt and heels with a sports bra, vest top and trainers.

The detailing

Models of the moment Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are often seen stepping out in sporty crop tops with a bomber jacket slung over the top. While this style may look fab on 20-something supermodels, it can be a bit distracting in the office, but don't worry, a subtle hint of crop top or yoga bra can work just as well. Yoga bras often have numerous straps and intricate detailing, which add interest when worn underneath a plain, loose low-backed jumper for work or, if you're feeling particularly brave, wear on their own with a loose jean in a club. For a flattering nod to the cropped trend, without having to expose your stomach to the world, opt for a long sporty top with a slight crop. When worn with high-waisted trousers this will leave just an inch of flesh on show – meaning you can breathe out and still be on trend

Celeb Style

Get The Celebrity Work Out Look

Whether it's pounding the pavements or HIIT-ing the gym, we're channelling these celebrities’ motivational workout styles. 

Ellie Goulding

Singer Ellie loves boxing with her trainer and cites running as one of her favourite ways to keep fit when she's on the road. One of the most important things to consider for high-impact exercise like running and boxing is a specially designed sports bra, which will keep you comfortable and avoid ligaments stretching as you bounce. You'll also need some decent trainers to support your feet and prevent injury from jarring as they hit the floor.

Ellie loves a short short, perfect for both running and boxing, they'll keep you cool when you work up a sweat. Look for technical 'wicking' fabrics, which draw sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and choose a pair with a pocket to stash your keys and phone so you can listen to music as you run.

Style Edit

Top 5 Activewear must-haves for women

There was a time when sportswear meant dull, drab and extremely unflattering – the kind of thing you’d throw on, dart out the door and pray not to bump into anyone you knew in. Thanks to the increasing amount of time we’re spending working out, sportswear options are better than they’ve ever been.


Just look at the Vetements x Juicy Couture collection that stormed its way into Paris Fashion Week AW16. If a tracksuit is further than you’re willing to go in the name of exercise though, Juicy Couture’s Performance range, could be just the ticket! With body tailoring designs and in a range of bright, floral tones, you’ll never have a fear of gymwear again!  


If the gymwear selection in your wardrobe leaves much to be desired, never fear, kate spade new york activewear has got you covered. Now available from the Bicester Village kate spade new york boutique, the collection combines bold colours with comfortable, flexible body-shaping materials such as Supplex and Lycra, to suit composed yogis and treadmill junkies alike!

Mocktail Recipes

Mocktail Recipe

Post-winter blues getting you down? It’s time to shake things up and we don’t mean behind the bar. Introducing this wonderful – and maybe a little weird – mocktail mixed up by Jack Graham. As the master juice mixologist (yes that’s a thing) over at hip London health hang-out Raw Press, there’s no one better for the job. Thought argan oil was just for your hair? Think again.

Let’s get mixing…


Incorporating carrot, orange, fennel, turmeric, ginger and argan oil, our Uprooted juice is sweet and spicy, with a really unusual combination of ingredients.

Fashion Spotlight

Louise Roe Q&A

In our exclusive interview with presenter, model and fashion journalist Louise Roe, we find out all about Brides do Good, the Oscars, wardrobe must-haves and her beautiful Pronovias wedding dress. 

You are donating your own beautiful Pronovias wedding dress to the boutique; how important is it for you to be involved with Brides do Good?

For me this was amazing timing as I only got married in October and soon after I was approached about donating my dress. For me it was a no brainer! I had no idea there was such a problem with underage marriage and the juxtaposition of having such a beautiful dress created with personal fittings in Spain that was only to be worn once, next to having the opportunity to let someone else enjoy it all for a such a great cause, made perfect sense to me. 

As a recent bride, what tips would you give to someone planning their wedding this year?

First, do your research: arm yourself with pictures but keep an open mind. Don’t take an entourage of people, as it can be quite an emotional moment – maybe just ask your mum and best friend. Make sure you present yourself well; put on make-up and don’t try on dresses wearing ankle socks! Also, take a video as it’s good to see how the dress moves rather than just looking back at still photographs. Take a keen interest in the back detail of the dress (as this is what most of the congregation will be looking at!)

Top Picks

Spring Must-Haves

You can never have too many spring style pieces. Well, maybe you can – but we’re not here to judge. 

These are the ‘forever pieces’ we’re giving ourselves permission to invest in this month.

Style Guide

What to wear to any kind of wedding

Warmer days and lighter nights are on the way, and with them come cherry blossoms, picnics in the park and the wedding season. While it's always a joy to celebrate the love of people you care about, finding something suitable to wear can cause a headache or two. Our wedding guide has everything you need to be the best-dressed guest wherever, and whenever, the nuptials.

The Country Wedding

Tumbledown village churches and Pimm’s on the lawn, it doesn't get more traditional than an English country wedding. Take your style cue from the setting and opt for floaty tea dresses, natural hues and floral patterns. If you're looking for colour inspiration, pink of every shade was big on the spring/summer 2017 catwalks and a dusky rose looks great against the warm stone and green fields of the British countryside.

But remember, old churches can be chilly even in summer, so take a pashmina to drape over your arms and shoulders during the ceremony. When it comes to footwear, a wedge heel should be your shoe of choice – they're comfortable to wear and won't sink into the grass during photos.

The Evening Wedding

Top Tips

Wedding Day Countdown

While you may feel as though you have only just dusted off the best man blunders and champagne headaches of last year’s wedding season, any blushing bride-to-be knows that this year’s spell of marital madness is looming ever closer. With your mind focused on all the planning in the months leading up to tying the knot, it’s easy to forget the final fixes that will make your big day flawless.

Here's a list of our top tips for your seven day countdown, so that you don’t need to worry!

Personal Stylist Daniel Johnson

Wedding style and accessories guide for men

The second part to our wedding edit for men, Daniel Johnson, stylist and expert on British tailoring and its history, offers his advice on men’s style and accessories for every kind of wedding.


White, fitted and ironed.

A white shirt provides a neutral palette to go with any suit or tie colour. Find one that fits perfectly and allow plenty of time to alter; the sleeve should show around 1.5cm outside the jacket sleeve for customary English sartorial style.

Brands: Reiss or Paul Smith

Personal stylist Daniel Johnson

Men's guide to the perfect wedding suit

Daniel Johnson is a personal stylist and expert on British tailoring and its history. Back in January 2016, Daniel appeared on BBC2's Millionaires Gift Guide as a supplier of bespoke luxury to wearers of exclusive fabrics. Starting his journey on Savile Row, he now stands alongside the likes of David Gandy as an ambassador for a true 'Made in Great Britain' brands, which include Ross Barr – one of those featured in the British Wool Collective at Bicester Village last year. In our new two part wedding edit for men, Daniel offers his advice on men’s suiting for every kind of wedding.

Let’s get the golden rules out of the way;

1. Never ever, ever outshine the bride.

2. Get your suit tailored to fit beautifully.

3. Do not leave buying your suit until the last minute.

Your Buying Guide

How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Getting engaged is probably one of the most important and emotional moments in your life which makes choosing the right engagement ring to symbolise your love together key. Your engagement ring journey will present you with many options to consider...

An engagement ring is Worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is said to contain the vena armoris (vein of love). Nowadays however, there are many different options to choose from, which cater for a wide variety of tastes.

The Style

It might not be easy trying to decide on an engagement ring style. But checking your current jewellery for your preferred metal colour and finding out whether your style is more classic than contemporary is a great way to start.

If you are buying for your partner, it might be worthwhile discreetly searching through their current jewellery. Make a note of which metals they prefer such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

Style Notes

Best Dressed: The Oscars

"Nothing defines a person like the dress they wore to the Oscars" said... well no one really, but we were all thinking it. 

Cate Blanchett's Giorgio Armani Privé gown – as worn to the 2016 ceremony – saw a surge of icy-blue hues make their way onto the high street, and after the love it/hate it debacle of Anne Hathaway's pink satin Dior dress in 2013, rumours flew around that she'd sacked her stylist as a result. Ouch.

So in honour of the star-studded event returning for its 89th year, we’re looking back at the most unforgettable gowns…ALL THAT SPARKLES For an event as glitzy as the Oscars, it’s no surprise that metallic hues feature highly on the red carpet. Reese Witherspoon stunned red carpet revellers for all the right reasons at the 2006 Academy Awards after stepping out in a 1955 gold embellished Dior gown, fit for royalty. And who could forget Felicity Jones’s emotional portrayal of Jane in The Theory of Everything (2015). Jones didn’t go home with the gong that night but she was certainly the people’s choice owing to the stunning Alexander McQueen bodice and floor-length skirt.


Travel & Lifestyle

Europe's Most Romantic Hotspots

Whether it be Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck gallivanting around the Italian capital on a Vespa, or Mathieu Kassovitz gazing into Audrey Tautou's enormous almond eyes at the Gare Du Nord, Europe easily bags the prize for the most romantic continent. With al fresco dining, winding lanes and il vino to be served with every course – your next romantic retreat is just a hop, skip and a quick mosey round the duty-free aisle away.  


Known for its impressive architecture, winding market streets and glorious climes, Barcelona isn’t a hard sell. But beyond the tourist trails of Las Ramblas, the sightseeing buses and the (admittedly stunning) Gaudi buildings, is a cosmopolitan metropolis just waiting to be explored.

City strolling doesn’t get more romantic than at the Parc de Montjuïc; comprising of several museums to explore and the glorious Jardins de Laribal tree-laden walkway. Spaniards are night owls by nature, so be sure to save some energy to explore some of the exciting new eateries that the city has on offer. The Michelin-starred Alkimia, just outside the Gothic Quarter, combines industrial interiors with an elegant yet innovative Catalonian menu. Don’t leave the city without sampling their signature salt cod. Barcelona’s hotel collection is an impressive one, meaning that you never have to face a bad night’s sleep after all that exploring. Hotel Omm offers the ultimate in city-centre serenity; ideally located to maximise your time in Barcelona.  


Brand Spotlight


BOSS Menswear collections present a modern-day wardrobe to fit every occasion. From masterful tailoring to relaxed athleisure – innovation, craftsmanship and design are at the heart of the brand’s collections, which are created with precision quality and a signature attention to detail.

BOSS tailoring is leading in the field of business and occasion wear. Crafted from luxury fabrics and featuring precision cuts, the tailoring collection offers the perfect sartorial armour for the modern man.

BOSS Green offers premium, functional athleisure that brings the weekend feeling into the every day. Combining the brand’s technical expertise and innovative practices, the athleisure line offers enduring performance-wear including water-resistant outerwear, breathable polos and sweatshirts, crease-resistant trousers and form-fitting footwear.

BOSS accessories exhibit excellence in timeless luxury. Form and function are at the fore in the design concepts across stealth leather bags, small compactable leather goods and fine finishing touches including cufflinks, tie pins and pocket squares.

Travel & Lifestyle

Europe’s Top Ski Resorts

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, keen to hit the slopes, or more excited by a log fire and glass of vin chaud, discover your perfect winter getaway with our edit of Europe’s top resorts…


The resort: Chamonix, France

The crowd: With steep chutes, free riding areas and unprepared runs, this is one resort that’s best left to the pros. Advanced and adventurous skiers from all over the world gather here each year, braving the challenging slopes and boasting (join in if you dare) post-ski in one of the many mountain-top bars. In other words, leave grandma at home.

The vibe: Packed with thrill-seekers, Chamonix has an electric atmosphere that’s perfect for serious skiers wanting to put their skills to the test. Although the slopes are far from peaceful, nestled beneath the tumbling glaciers is a charming town full of quirky boutiques, bookshops and galleries. Perfect for the less athletically gifted to browse for hours on end.


The Friday Fix

Kick-start January with this delicious recipe from Madeline Shaw’s new book, READY, STEADY, GLOW Fast, Fresh Food Designed for Real Life.

Pan-fried trout with cucumber, apple and dill salad (serves two)


1 cucumber, peeled, halved and cut into ½ cm semicircles1 tbsp Dijon mustard1 tbsp fresh dill, chopped (or 1tsp dried)1/4 tbsp apple cider vinegar2 tbsp olive oil1 large avocado, peeled and stoned1 apple, peeled and cored1 shallot, finely minced1 tbsp coconut oil or butter2 tbsp capers, plus extra to serve2 trout filletssalt, to taste

Beauty & Well-being

24 Hours With A Wellness Guru

Mince pies, mulled wine and one too many chocolates from the tree… all sounding a little too familiar? Come January, enough is enough and after two weeks of pure indulgence, it’s time to get it together.

So, to help kick-start our new year reboot, we’ve called upon the help of holistic health coach, blogger, chef and all round wellness guru, Madeleine Shaw.

Here’s a play-by-play of how she gets back on track. So much goodness.


Designer Spotlight

Anne Fontaine Designer Q&A

Talking exclusively to French designer Anne Fontaine, we discover the craftsmanship behind the iconic white shirt, re-embroidered lace and the foundations of the feminine universal design encompassing their Maison de Couture.

What inspired the classic white shirt that is a staple of your brand?

I wanted this piece, which usually belongs to the masculine wardrobe, to become an essential for women! White shirts have a timeless elegance; it’s an item that every woman can play with to create her own identity and express her own creativity. “Nothing is more sexy than a woman in a white shirt.”

You have created a unique range of designs with ample amounts of versatility in every piece. What is your favourite from the Fall/Winter 2015 collection?

City Guide

City Guide: 48 hours in Paris

Experience Paris like a local with our top picks for exploring the city in style…



Nestled amongst the picturesque bookshops and artistic boutiques of Rue Charonne lies charming restaurant Septime. Created by French cooking sensation Chef Bertrand Grébaut, each dish is pure, seasonal and delicious. Designed by a former student of Penninghen design school, the mirrored walls, industrial accents and antique furniture set the scene for the perfect meal. What’s more, the menu changes by the day so prepare to be happily surprised on each and every visit.


City Guide

City Guide: Cambridge

Destination?  Cambridge

Country?  UK

Where to visit? I love Cambridge for its vibrancy, history and the incredible architecture. Being in a small city that has contributed to the world in such a major way – it is inspiring just to be here. If there is one thing to do when visiting it is to take a punt (boat) on the river Cam, behind the colleges – there is no better way to see what makes this city special.

Must see? The colleges, the bustling market and the beautiful and tranquil Orchard Tearooms in Grantchester.


Q&A with the founder of the cambridge satchel company

What's the story behind The Cambridge Satchel Company – where did the idea first originate?

The Cambridge Satchel Company was born from the need to make money to send my children to a brilliant school – everyone needs motivation and a very strong one as when you start a business you will hit bumps in the road. For me there was no better motivation than making life better for Emily and Max and a great education is the best start in life. I had £600 earmarked to start the business and never borrowed or took on any form of debt – that is until a couple of years ago when I took on an investor but by then I had grown the annual sales to £13 million a year. It’s amazing what you can do with sheer determination and focus.

Do you still have the original table that the initial designs were created on?

I do, it is still my kitchen table. Homework is done on it, baking is done on it and countless cups of tea and coffee are drunk sitting around it. The kitchen is still the heart of the business in many ways as that’s where everyone ends up and it’s a great place to discuss issues. I find it difficult to work in a creative way in a conventional office, it’s suffocating at times. I would much rather be outside or in the kitchen with the dogs wandering around. Many of our best ideas have been hatched from the team having meetings in the park – it’s not conventional but it works for us. 

City Guide

City Guide: 48 hours in Milan

Experience Milan like a local this fashion season with our top picks for exploring the city in style…


Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

This unique dining concept opened in 2014, but its unexpected offering and pioneering aesthetic continues to make waves across the city years later. Created by Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco and art director Tanja Solci and set in a former sawmill, take in the restaurant's soaring structure as you savour exquisite dishes. The graphic, monochromatic space is part of a new wave of creative dining – and it’s worth noting that this is as much a social experience as any, with visitors dining side by side on the elegant, elongated tables.

Via Giuseppe Meda 24, 20141 Milan, Italy

Editor’s Tips

Finding the perfect timepiece

It’s a watch minefield out there, or a timepiece smorgasbord, or an overwhelming, overcrowded horological marketplace. Whichever way you look at it, we’ve broken it down to a few of the basics and some.

Quartz or mechanical

The issue of how your watch is powered is probably the biggest pre-purchase decision you will need to make. Quartz timepieces are more accurate, invariably cheaper and more convenient – you should only need to get the battery replaced every couple of years. If you love the inner workings of a watch and you have the budget, you should invest in a mechanical one – your choice is hand-wound (exactly that) or automatic – which relies on the movement of your wrist to store kinetic energy to power the watch.

Get with the lingo

The face of the watch is called the dial. The numbers are called indexes. The button that you wind and adjust the time with is the crown. The ring around the dial that protects the glass is the bezel. The parts of the case that join to the strap are the lugs. The amount of time your mechanical watch will last without being wound is the power-reserve. Any functionality that measures time, such as a race, is a chronograph. This is enough to get you through most ‘watchy’ chats with ease.

Top 5 Tips

How to choose the perfect watch

It's all in the detail this autumn with so many elegant watches to choose from. To help you navigate the timepiece minefield, we spoke to Ryan Ould, head of product design at Rotary, to discover his top tips for choosing the perfect style...

Quartz or automaticDo you want the easy life with a quartz watch, which offers incredible accuracy that only requires you to change the date a few times a year, or do you want the romance and craftsmanship of a Swiss automatic with its unmistakable sweeping second hand and visible parts through its see-through case back?

Case sizeThis applies to both men’s and ladies’ watches, make sure it fits and sits on your wrist perfectly! Whether on a metal bracelet or leather strap, the timepiece should feel moulded to your wrist, never too heavy and always matching what you are wearing.

Plating colourThis is a very individual choice, most men tend to go with stainless steel as this is the safe option, however an emerging women’s trend is two-tone metal, which often consists of either rose gold and stainless steel or classic gold and stainless steel, and this works with all types of jewellery. If you are looking for the vintage vibe you can never beat gold plate.

Bracelet or strapThis comes down to what the watch will be used for and who is wearing it. If the individual making the purchase is very active then a bracelet makes much more sense; on the other hand, if the timepiece is for a person working in the city, working long hours and wearing business attire, a strap will complement a suit perfectly!


The Royal Warrant

A Royal Warrant is perhaps the most defining accolade a company can attain. In an age of spurious paid-for celebrity endorsement, the Royal Warrant exists in a vacuum, decided not by expensive contracts and numbers of followers, but by discerning, methodical judgement through tried and tested use.

Only three members of the Royal Family are entitled to bestow warrants: HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales. Companies can only be awarded the honour after their goods or services have been bought consistently by one of these members of the Royal Family for five years out of seven. It’s a dedicated and thorough policing of companies – currently there are around 800 registered as holding a Royal Warrant – ranging from plumbing services to the more glamorous worlds of fashion and beauty.

The challenge of producing goods and services fine enough for Royalty has been around since the Middle Ages; in 1155 Henry II granted a Royal Charter to the Weavers’ Guild as a reflection of goods used by the Royal Household. Workmen and craftspeople continued to seek favour from, and impress, the Court with competition throughout the decades being fiercely fought for royal recognition. By the eighteenth century tradespeople began displaying the Royal Coat of arms on their stationery and premises, and by 1840 the Royal Warrant Holders Association was formed to oversee companies holding Royal Warrants.

Today’s Royal Warrant holders are varied but perhaps it is no wonder that, at the luxury and fancy goods end, they are all companies with a rich British heritage and craftsmanship.

Tatler magazine claims that there is a set of Molton Brown (awarded a Royal Warrant by the Queen in 2013) Orange & Bergamot in every bathroom at Balmoral. In competition for ‘Supplier of Toiletries’ is the historic perfumer Penhaligon’s, which was first awarded a Royal Warrant by Queen Alexandra in 1903. In 1956 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh followed suit, as did HRH Prince Charles in 1988, with Molton Brown supplying the palaces from their Mayfair boutique. It’s certainly an insight into how fragrant The Royal Household and its members must be.

Designer Spotlight

Rupert Sanderson Q&A

Your collections resonate with people around the world - is there a particular woman that you design for or does this vary from pair to pair?

The wonderful thing about shoes is that they can tell a million stories, and I suppose women will have a million moods and so it’s very hard to just design for a specific woman. A woman that’s comfortable with making decisions and wearing brands that speak about her, who is confident in her choices and knows what works for her, is the sort of woman who wears my shoes.

Where did your passion for footwear first originate?

Deep down in my soul. It seems to have found me and it works perfectly for me. It encapsulates pretty much all the things I like doing – making lots of things and working with beautiful materials. The transformative power of shoes is second to almost nothing.

Are there any practices you have that keep you creatively engaged and inspired?

Top 5 Tips

Top 5 Regional Wedding Venues


With over 300 years of rich history to discover, Blenheim Palace offers visitors an immersive and fascinating experience. Built in the early 18th Century, the iconic palace provides a romantic, whimsical setting that’s simply perfect for a wedding celebration. Historically used to store orange trees for the palace gardens, the elegant Orangery room can host up to 250 guests for your ceremony. Features include a glass panelled roof and stunning views over the Duke’s Italian Garden. Alternatively, choose the Marlborough room for smaller ceremonies -  its double vaulted ceiling and fireplace provide a magical, intimate setting.



Interview with Annoushka Ducas

What first attracted you to jewellery design- have you always been creatively minded?I almost came in to jewellery design by accident. Although I always had an eye for aesthetics, it wasn’t until my mother who supplied fish to restaurants in London asked me to come up with an idea for a gift for 60 of the top chefs. I designed my first piece of jewellery - a pair of humorous fish cufflinks!

Many might be surprised to hear you’re not trained as a traditional jeweller - how did you learn your craft and what advice do you have for others starting out in the industry?I spent long summers in the studio of our great sculptor friend in Tuscany where I must have absorbed the subliminal understanding of the making process of casting and of the way that pieces are formed and how they feel to the hand. Other than this, I had had no formal jewellery design training. I built on what was an instinctive sensibility to a more conscious, decision-making design process, often driven, for me, by the practicalities of wearing jewellery. Over the years, I have learnt to rely on my ability to describe the visions in my head in detail to my craftsman. So my advice - everything is possible.

The organic materials featured in your pieces give a unique, energised feel to luxury - can you describe the kind of woman you design for?I think I really design pieces that I would really like to wear, so that is my starting point – but my clients are self-assured; the vast majority are independent and well travelled, with a confident sophistication. There is no doubt that jewellery that is designed for women, by women feels and looks very different to jewellery designed by men and I think this is why so many of our clients are women buying for themselves. I think most of our clients are women that are more interested in style than fashion.

You began creating in Hong Kong - what was it about the city that inspired you?My travels have always been a key source for my inspiration in designing fine jewellery. Intoxicating cities and magical landscapes, along with my love of art and interest in foreign cultures definitely influence my collections. Hong Kong specifically is a city so full of multicultural diversity, history and beauty, that you can’t help but be inspired.

Your love of colour is evident in your designs - what are some of your favourite shades and why?I prefer to work with yellow gold and warm coloured gemstones as they reflect my personal style and the character of the stones gives life to the jewellery. Colours that can be worn together yet can equally be worn alone as a stand out piece to complete an outfit are the most attractive to me.


Annoushka Ducas

On her recent visit to Bicester Village, we sat down with talented designer Annoushka Ducas to discuss the inspiration behind her collections…

What first attracted you to jewellery design- have you always been creatively minded?

I almost came in to jewellery design by accident. Although I always had an eye for aesthetics, it wasn’t until my mother who supplied fish to restaurants in London asked me to come up with an idea for a gift for 60 of the top chefs. I designed my first piece of jewellery - a pair of humorous fish cufflinks! Many might be surprised to hear you’re not trained as a traditional jeweller - how did you learn your craft and what advice do you have for others starting out in the industry?

I spent long summers in the studio of our  great sculptor friend in Tuscany where I must have absorbed the subliminal understanding of the making process of casting and of the way that pieces are formed and how they feel to the hand. Other than this, I had had no formal jewellery design training. I built on what was an instinctive sensibility to a more conscious, decision-making design process, often driven, for me, by the practicalities of wearing jewellery. Over the years, I have learnt to rely on my ability to describe the visions in my head in detail to my craftsman. So my advice - everything is possible. The organic materials featured in your pieces give a unique, energised feel to luxury - can you describe the kind of woman you design for?

I  think I really design pieces that I would really like to wear, so that is my starting point – but my clients are self-assured; the vast majority are independent and well travelled, with a confident sophistication. There is no doubt that jewellery that is designed for women, by women feels and looks very different to jewellery designed by men and I think this is why so many of our clients are women buying for themselves. I think most of our clients  are women that are more interested in style than fashion. You began creating in Hong Kong - what was it about the city that inspired you?

Health & Fitness

Le Pain Quotidien Energising juices

We’re kickstarting the new season with one of the mood-boosting juices from Le Pain Quotidien...

From organic tartines to homemade soups, the seasonal dishes are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and uplifted. To celebrate the restaurants arrival, we’re kickstarting the new year with one of their energising green juices...

One a Day Green Juice (serves 2)

Ingredients800 grams seasonal apple150 grams celery75 grams Swiss chard25 grams ginger150 ml orange juice20 ml lime juice

MethodMeasure all ingredients (keep the stalks on Swiss chard)


Ray Kelvin founder of Ted Baker

Ray Kelvin of Ted Baker talks exclusively to Bicester Village about the brand’s humble beginnings and the style secrets he swears by…

Renowned for stylish and sophisticated menswear, womenswear and accessories, Ted Baker London is a household name, loved for quality design, high-end fabric and a distinct British attitude.

Launching in 1988 with a collection of classic yet edgy menswear, Ted Baker soon expanded to include womenswear collections – a seamless blend of old-fashioned glamour and contemporary femininity – and accessories including socks, scarves, hats and cufflinks.

Now a global success story, we spoke to founder Ray Kelvin about his style inspiration, entering the fashion world at the age of 11, and naming the business Ted, not Ray.

'When I started the company in 1988, its success was far from certain. I christened the business ‘Ted Baker’ as it was a good, friendly moniker that people seemed to like. And while Ted is now a global success, I still prefer to remain in the background. I’m a big believer in team effort, not glorifying the individual.

News & Events

Bicester Village Station

The newly opened Bicester Village Station means you can now travel straight to the boutiques from London Marylebone or Oxford Parkway. The service to Bicester North station will continue to run as usual. For trains coming into Bicester North a shuttle service is available to Bicester Village.

There are two trains running every hour, with the journey from London Marylebone taking from 46 minutes. The new Bicester Village Information Hub, located adjacent to the station, welcomes you with a suite of luxury shopping services including Hands-free Shopping, Tourist Information, Luggage Drop service and more. See all Shopping Services here >

These services are available to book at the Bicester Visitor Centre in the Village or the Information Hub at Bicester Village Station.


Julian Metcalfe founder of itsu

Itsu founder Julian Metcalfe on healthy eating, creative cooking and his passion for Japanese cuisine…

We’re all really excited about the opening of itsu, why did you decide to open a restaurant within the Village?

Bicester Village fits perfectly with our brand, packed with high-end retailers! And with over 6 million visitors a year, itsu will provide customers with a healthy option and keep them fuelled while they shop. There has also been a huge customer demand from international customers which we’re excited about.

One of itsu’s core missions is to provide light and healthy food that tastes delicious - why was the health factor so important to you?

I’ve always believed busy lives shouldn’t stop people eating delicious, healthy food which is light and good for you. There are so many people saying different things about health, so I wanted to make it easy and simple for everyone but ensure it tastes great too!

Read More

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