5 tips for beautiful bouquets

Create your dream wedding bouquet with top tips from expert florist Nikki Tibbles...

1. Be sure to consider your venue when choosing floral displays. For example, huge arrangements on the tables won’t work if it means your guests can’t talk to each other or if they obstruct the view of the bride and groom.

2. As well as flowers, why not use also use trees to add a sense of scale and grandeur to your wedding? A placement tree is a creative way to display your table plan for instance and looks beautiful lit up as day turns to night. While outdoor weddings with an avenue of beautiful blossom trees looks breath-taking.

3. Of course, it’s not all about big statement pieces. Personalised place settings are simple but add a lovely touch. Try a single rose or a knot of herbs tied together with a pretty piece of ribbon, or spray napkins with a favourite scent, so that when they’re opened your guests are treated to something fragrant.

4. Candles create instant ambience and lend an intimate and romantic feel to your venue. Try mixed-height storm lanterns, or large glass bottles filled with stylish white or grey candles for an eclectic, informal feel.

5. It sounds obvious, but always work within your budget! It’s far better to have four amazing floral arrangements than ten unnoticeable ones.

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