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Exclusive Interview with Chinti and Parker founder Anna Singh

Anna Singh Q&A

In an exclusive interview with Bicester Village, Chinti and Parker founder Anna Singh discusses creativity and innovation...

Your prints are something of a work of art – have you both always been creative?

Thank you. While I wasn’t exactly making my clothes from a young age, there has always been a creative element to the things I’ve liked doing, from creating different versions of lemonade for the lemonade stand, up to colour innovation when I was at Pout Cosmetics. I may also have had a ‘Bedazzler’!

Where does the name ‘Chinti and Parker’ come from?

It’s a variant of my great-grandparents' first names, Chinti and Pakhar.

What made you want to join the British Wool Collective at Bicester Village? 

We’re thrilled to take part in the British Wool Collective as part of an esteemed group of fellow British designers at such a quintessentially British shopping destination. It’s the perfect place to showcase our passion for textile innovation and use of the finest cashmere and merino wool.

Can you share with us one of your most challenging scenarios from working in partnership with Rachael Wood?

It’s actually a pretty smooth process working together, but like any relationship, challenges can occur when we’ve been too busy running around to sit down and have proper communication.

Would you ever consider digressing into other areas of fashion or lifestyle?

At the moment we want to expand our offering to include more outerwear and tailoring options to ensure our customer can create more head-to-toe looks, all while honouring our focus on textile innovation. We would also like to provide more personalisation options, starting with our Personalised Letter Sweaters and Monogramming Shop this Christmas. 

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