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Destination Detox: Inside Europe’s best wellness retreats

From boot camp to vipassana, yoga to juice detoxes, this is the time to really make good habits stick, so that when it finally comes to summer, you can really enjoy it. Read on for our pick of the best wellness getaways in Europe...

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24 Hours With A Wellness Guru

To help kick-start our new year reboot, we’ve called upon the help of holistic health coach, blogger, chef and all round wellness guru Madeleine Shaw.

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Surviving Dry January

Do Dry January they said, it will be fun, they said.If you’re already regretting the decision to jump on the health bandwagon this season, then you’re not alone ...

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Fitness on Toast

We sat down with the Swedish personal trainer and fashion-focused fitness blogger Faya Nillson to discuss her tips for living a healthier, happier and more energised life...

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Le Pain Quotidien: Energising juices

To celebrate the arrival of Le Pain Quotidien, we’re kickstarting the new season with one of their mood-boosting juices...