Carolina Castiglioni Q&A

Carolina Castiglioni, Director of Special Projects at Marni, talks to us exclusively about the charity project brought to Bicester Village in May 2016

We are excited about the launch of the pop-up, can you share with us how the concept for this project began?

Our projects have two souls: on one hand, we like to offer the public a range of special, limited-edition products that express our identity and our code. At the same time, we believe that supporting charity causes through these activities make them even more extraordinary. We have a lot of fun developing these events and initiatives; we feel that it is always interesting to translate our aesthetic into something that is not necessarily linked to fashion. It all started with Marni Flower Market, the first event we hosted to celebrate our twentieth anniversary: the idea was to create a big flower market open to public, where people could move freely buying flowers and Marni products exclusively made for the event.

Marni has worked very closely with several charities, tell us about Associazione Vimala and how the work they do resonates with the brand’s values?

We collaborate with Associazione Vimala for many projects; we love their transparency and their practical approach. They really help people in a simple and efficient way. With Marni Prisma, our events for our twentieth anniversary, we supported the renovation of a school for disabled children in India. Some months ago I went there to attend the opening of this school; it was hugely emotional to witness the children’s happiness while being conscious that our work made that possible.

How did you decide on the natural, botanical theme behind the pop-up?

Nature and flowers are a continuous source of inspiration for our work, we are fascinated by the botanical world. It gives us a unique chance to be creative in a very fun and colourful way.

Guests will even have the chance to design their own Marni T-shirt to reflect their style – how would you describe your personal aesthetic in three words?

Three words are too few. I like simplicity without missing the taste for the unexpected. Details are important and if some of them are out of the box, everything becomes more interesting.

The summer is fast approaching – what trends will you be covering this season?

I cannot give up colour, especially on accessories.