Dean McCaw - Live

Friday 30 June from 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Hailing from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, Dean McCaw is a singer songwriter with a clear and consistent focus on the craft of storytelling through the medium of song. With a blend of neo-folk and commercial pop, Dean's music is embedded with the spirit of Irish culture. 

Dean McCaw

Preview 'Twenty' - Single by Dean McCaw


Which artists old or new inspire you the most? "I have an eclectic list of inspirations which range from the likes of Paul Brady, Van Morrison and Foy Vance to newer and more alternative acts such as Keaton Henson and Bruno Major. Some of my influences have given me a classic approach to my songwriting, which firmly grounds my stylistic qualities as an artist, whilst others push me to explore and break the boundaries of my writing habits."

When you start working on a new idea or song, what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea? "An idea can come from any source, at any time for me. Whether it’s a piece of text, a line of poetry or an exert of a conversation I’ve had. As an artist, I think it’s important to always keep my ear to the ground for an idea to emerge. Once that happens, I jump to work and begin to craft the song in whatever way I feel appropriate at the time. I think spontaneity is essential when creating art."

Are there any producers or artists you would love to collaborate with? "I collaborate with as many people as possible, as I find that great ideas are often formed when different minds, with separate outlooks, come together. However, it’d be an honour for me to work with likes of Foy Vance or Marcus Mumford, as these writers shaped much of my approach to my own artistry when I was younger. "

What is your go to track of the moment? "I’m loving artists like Sigrid and Jack Vallier at the minute, however, my go-to track of late has been Wouldn’t Mean A Thing by Bruno Major. It’s a really classic songwriting approach with loads of jazz elements, balanced with production methods that make it sound fresh and exciting."

Dean McCaw

Do you prefer performing live or studio recording? "I love being closed off from the world and working tirelessly on every aspect of a track in the studio, however, it doesn’t come close to the electric energy between an entirely silent room and a performer giving their all."

Are you heading to or performing at any festivals this year? "Last month I played Alternative Escape with my band China Bears, but this summer I’ll be at Hyfest and Always The Sun, as well as other gigs here and there."

What’s next for you this year? "More of everything really, I’ll be writing more, recording more, releasing more and gigging more in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for what’s going on."

Who are your style icons and why? "Having grown up watching Bryan Adams, with my mum, I’ve found that gravitate towards that kind of 80s rock look, more than I’m consciously aware of. Can’t help but steer towards leather and denim wherever possible."

What’s your go-to item of clothing for any stage performance?  "I love AllSaints, so my leather jacket often makes appearances on stage."

Why are you excited to perform at Bicester Village?  "I’m excited to share my music with such great number of people form all over the world in one day. It’s an honour to be given that privilege. Also, I may sneak in a little shopping whilst I’m there.

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