Elena Sandor on 9 to 5 style

Inside the office of three fashion creatives

Elena Sandor on 9 to 5 style

From autumn trends and workwear to post-work pick me up, Content Creator Elena Sandor lets us into her secret of a happy work-life balance...

THE CONTENT CREATOR: Elena Sandor of www.eatweartravel.com

THE CONTENT CREATOR: Elena Sandor of www.eatweartravel.com

On her capsule working wardrobe

Currently coveting… This autumn, I’ll definitely be embracing the capelet trend - it’s such a retro yet elegant look. The pinstripe suit is also highly coveted for next season, lengthening all body shapes as well as adding power and mystery to every look.

Go-to office look… Working from home plus attending events, meetings and dinners for my job allows me to be super flexible with my workwear. I might spend the morning answering emails in my pyjamas and the next minute be smartly dressed for a meeting. I must say, I’m really lucky because I can't see myself wearing the same type of outfit day in, day out.

The day-to-night dilemma… Dresses are my thing - and I’ll always carry a pair of heels to transform my outfit from dull to daring.

To carry her life… Most of my bags are small to medium. I don't really need much when I am out and about, but I can't leave the house without a power bank to charge my phone. It’s where I keep my whole business life in order! Lip-gloss, powder and perfume are also must-haves for me. 

On nailing the 9-5 life

The dream space… My own office space is the dream - vintage but minimalist with white furniture and mirror finishing.

On the desk… My watch and rose gold rings to pop on for a hint of elegance, plus my agenda.

Chasing her goals… Buy a day planner and don't be afraid to use it. It will organise your life like nothing else.

Inside the lunch box… Usually I’ll be out for lunch if I’m working in the city, and mostly choose either French or Chinese, my favourite cuisines. Since I do a lot of restaurant reviews, I’m very lucky that lunch will often be provided for me. 

On that elusive work-life balance

Workout of choice… When I write and edit, I don't switch positions too often, so I tend to stretch a lot in between work. Now I’m pregnant, I’m counting down the days till I can join the gym for a proper workout!

Post-work pick me up… I like to read a couple of novels at the same time, just to unwind and connect to different worlds and perspectives. Currently I’m really into I am Malala by Christina Lamb and Malala Yousafzai. For a creativity pick me up, I’ll browse my favourite blogs like Garance Doré, Peony Lim, and Gary Pepper Girl.

Staying sane… My hobby is my work - that’s definitely one way of mastering a happy work-life balance! If you do what you love with passion and determination, you won't actually work a day in your life. 

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The Workwear Edit

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