How to make 2018 a happy and healthy year

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February resolutions with blogger Em Sheldon

Bicester Village

This year, try to focus on what’s in front of you: the people, the sights and the conversations...


Get enough sleep

Sleep is so important: it rejuvenates the body so you wake up with the energy you need to tackle any stresses during the day ahead. It also gives your mind time to repair and refresh, so ensure that extra ZZZs are on your resolution list this year. My top sleep tips? Fresh sheets, as nothing makes me fall asleep quicker, and a hot, steamy bath before bed with bath salts. I swear by bath salts, and candles too, to really make me sleepy, and you can even use relaxing lavender oils in the bath. I then put on my dressing gown by The White Company. Last but not least, try to read a book before bed, rather than scrolling on your phone: no blue light will mean you sleep much better. After all that, you certainly won’t need to count any sheep.



Move more! This is always one of my biggest tips, whether it means taking the stairs rather than the lift, walking up the escalator, getting off the bus one stop early or just making the gym part of your routine. Moving more really is key. When I’m stressed, nothing makes me feel better than hammering the treadmill or going outside and getting some fresh air. There’s something about using my legs and body that releases the best endorphins and instantly makes me feel great. You never regret a workout. I always do the 35-minute walk into the city centre rather than opt for a 10-minute taxi ride. Little things, such as getting extra steps in throughout the day, can be so beneficial for your body and mind.



Eat well! Much like sleep, good nutrition is vital. I live by the 80/20 rule and believe in balance. I’m not happy when I deprive myself, so it’s something I never do. I allow myself to enjoy chocolate and crisps, just in moderation. Pizza is never off the menu either – I just ensure I don’t eat it every day. I also believe in starting the day off right, which means I always make time for a hearty breakfast so I’m not snacking throughout the day.See your body as a car engine: it needs fuel to be efficient and work effectively.



Me Time

We spend a lot of our time feeling stressed and tired, so ‘me time’ and looking after your well-being is particularly important. Try to spend time doing something that makes you feel great, de-stressed and relaxed. You can put aside an hour a day, an hour a week or a few hours a month to do this – whatever fits in with your schedule and keeps your life balanced in terms of work and play, otherwise you’ll crash and burn. Your idea of me time could be pizza and Netflix, a shopping trip (shopping definitely counts as cardio!), a long, hot, steamy bath, a blow-dry or just turning your laptop off and reading a book. 


Phones down

Last but not least, try to put your phone down once in a while. We live in a digital world, but there’s no better feeling than enjoying the world around you, whether it’s an extra hour before bed so you can relax more, while you’re shopping so you can focus more on your new purchases, or simply so you can converse with others. I often play a game where everyone has to put their phone in the middle of the table and the first person to touch theirs has to pay the bill.