Finding Peace with Madeleine Shaw

We were thrilled to welcome Madeleine Shaw, a health & beauty coach, to the Village for the launch of her new cookbook ‘ A Year Of Beautiful Eating’ in conversation with Caroline Issa, Chief Executive & Fashion Director at Tank magazine. 

Madeleine Shaw and Caroline Issa at the Bicester Village #Brunchtalks event

To help you find peace and improve your well-being during the change of seasons, we asked the wellness guru for her top tips on integrating meditation and mindfulness into our busy lives.

Tip #1. "Meditation is a hard one. I openly admit how hard I find it to sit still, but I try to take a few minutes each day to belly breathe. Sometimes in the morning and always at night, I’ll just close my eyes and feel my belly rise and fall."

Tip #2. "Whether you get cabs, the bus, tubes or trains, stick your earphones in and listen to some meditative or classical music. It’s very calming and allows your body to relax. Close your eyes and just listen. It can be hard not to read emails or check how your Instagram post is doing, but it’s good brain training."

Tip #3. "When I’m feeling totally overwhelmed I get my head below my heart. It might be a downward dog or (when in public) lowering my head below my knees seated. This gives you a change of perspective, literally, turning your world upside down. It is very calming and centring. Come up slowly though! (P.S. If you get embarrassed, you can do it on the toilet seat.)"


Madeleine Shaw

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