Four Parties to Throw this Season


You’re a born host and you know it.

Bicester Village

For an inspired twist on your standard seasonal soirée, try your hand at one or all four of these parties. 



Cheese makes everything better! Cheese lovers and cocktail connoisseurs will love your take on the traditional wine and cheese party. Do your research on cheese and cocktail pairings beforehand and make sure your cheese platter is diverse enough to please every palate. For your lactose-free friends, a dairy-free selection will go down a treat. Turn the dinner table into a cocktail-sampling station and make sure the drinks trolley is fully stocked for serving Christmas Negronis all round.



You’ve finally mastered a handful of recipes from your favourite cooking blog and now is the time to show off your skills. Keep the décor chic but casual: try an off-white table runner accented with gold and dot mini floral arrangements along the table. If you’re expecting large numbers, share the load by delegating dishes and desserts for your guests to bring. You might need days to recover from all the indulgence, ‘tis the season after all.



This isn’t just any party, this is a living time capsule. A throwback to the days when the only likes you got were IRL. So make a mixtape of your favourite 90s tunes – with a seasonal twist, naturally – make sure the walls are pasted with Spice Girls and Fresh Prince posters and party like it’s 1991.



All you need are super-soft blankets, an endless supply of mince pies and hot toddies, and all the classics: think Elf, Miracle on 34th Street and Home Alone. Cosy up in comfort and leave your high heels at home.

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