Haircare With Gustav Fouche

Influential hair stylist Gustav Fouche talks wedding hair and shares his passion for hair styling...

What does your creative process look like when it comes to working with new clients. How do you find the perfect style for each individual bride?
When I meet my bride for the first time, I like to sit next to them and chat, not just about the wedding but about them, their life, their fiancé, what they like and what they don't like. This leads onto the plans for the wedding, what sort of wedding will it be? What sort of feel does it have? is it romantic, modern, wonderland or classic?

We discuss the dress and, if it has already been chosen, I need to see a picture of it. From this and the conversation I can build the look to suit her. I can go as classic or fashionable as she wishes.

Where do you pull inspiration from for each new look?
My inspiration comes from all over and not necessarily linked to something bridal – places I've been, people I work with, the catwalk, photographers – but my main inspiration comes from my client.

Can you share any beauty rules for keeping hair in tip-top condition?
Keeping hair healthy is simple. Have a trim every 6 to 8 weeks even if you are growing it. Watch what you eat and drink plenty of water. Stay away from products that contain silicone and use a heat protecting spray on your hair if you use tongs or straighteners.

What if a bride wants to dye her hair? How far in advance of the big day would you recommend a colour change?
Ideally hair colour should be done 8 to 10 days before the wedding – it needs to settle and looks the best after a few washes. I normally don't recommend a massive change in colour, if you don't normally colour your hair you can have a glossing treatment to give shine. Our motto is we want to look like you, but the 'red carpet' version.

What are the go-to haircare products you swear by when creating each style?
My ultimate go to products are from the 3'' More Inches range. The hero product is the Prewash Treatment and it really is a lifesaver. This wonder treatment slows the ageing process and helps the hair grow longer, faster. The unique complex of naturally derived cashmere proteins and more than 20 other conditioning agents, penetrates deep into the hair shaft, repairing broken bonds and helping protect the hair from further disintegration. It helps combat hot styling, sun, sea and modern living.

When a bride chooses me as their wedding specialist. There are two things that are a must:

1) I cut her hair
2) She uses the 3'' More Inches Prewash Treatment a minimum of once a week.

What about nutrition – are there any shine-boosting superfoods you recommend for healthy hair?
Water, water, water – stay hydrated. Then avocado, green vegetables, carrots, broccoli and protein including egg yolk and salmon are amazing. Not only will your hair look great but your skin will be amazing and glowing too.

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