From the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea with Chris Caldicott

Travel Photography

Join a visual safari of India with renowned travel photographer Chris Caldicott. View a collection of his striking work on display throughout Bicester Village from 17 May to 20 June as part of the All Things India experience and learn from the master himself with a once-in-a-lifetime workshop on travel photography.


Bicester Village

From the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea: A photographic safari with Chris Caldicott...


Join the renowned photographer, writer and lecturer Chris Caldicott for an inspiring talk on Thursday 23 May 2019 at The Celebrating India Concept Store, Bicester Village.

Chris will share stories of his travels in India and give advice on how to get the best results from your own travel photography. Feel free to bring your camera with you to try out some new techniques!


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I've travelled to some of the most remote places on earth documenting the vanishing lifestyles of indigenous people

Chris Caldicott ©


We were treated to many fine meals of authentic traditional home cooked cuisine in exotic settings

Chris Caldicott ©


There were many intimate experiences of rural life

Chris Caldicott ©


There were lively markets, mighty forts and atmospheric monuments

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