How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Getting engaged is probably one of the most important and emotional moments in your life which makes choosing the right engagement ring to symbolise your love together key. Your engagement ring journey will present you with many options to consider...

An engagement ring is Worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is said to contain the vena armoris (vein of love). Nowadays however, there are many different options to choose from, which cater for a wide variety of tastes.

The Style

It might not be easy trying to decide on an engagement ring style. But checking your current jewellery for your preferred metal colour and finding out whether your style is more classic than contemporary is a great way to start.

If you are buying for your partner, it might be worthwhile discreetly searching through their current jewellery. Make a note of which metals they prefer such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

Your partner's jewellery collection will hold a lot of secrets that will help you to develop a picture of the perfect ring. Ask yourself whether you think they would prefer an engagement ring that is lavish and contemporary, classic and timeless, vintage inspired or something more unusual and distinctive.

Engagement rings can vary from refined and classic such as diamond solitaire ring to more lavish and contemporary such as a statement diamond halo cluster ring.

With the rising trend of rose gold, perhaps a rose gold diamond engagement ring would make a great choice? Or maybe add dash of colour with one of our coloured diamond engagement rings?

If you want to ensure that two of the most important pieces of jewellery your fiancé will ever own, sit perfectly together, then a beautiful bridal set would make a great choice. In recent years, bridal sets have been steadily growing in popularity with many brides choosing to have a perfectly matching engagement ring and wedding band.

The Stone

You should also consider your loved one's preferred stone style – will their perfect ring have lots of diamonds or would they prefer coloured gemstones. Would they prefer lavish and elaborate style or something small and minimal in design? There are many stone styles for you to choose from Solitaire, Trilogy, Cluster, Halo and Side stones. 

Diamonds - the four Cs

When you begin looking for the perfect engagement ring you may come across the four Cs. Understanding the four Cs will help you to recognise the differences in diamond quality.

1. Colour

Diamonds are generally colourless or near colourless (they may have shades of yellow or brown.) A diamond which is completely colourless is more desirable than one which is slightly yellow.  A diamond which is graded D is colourless, and one which is graded Z will appear slightly yellow. However, not all diamonds are colourless and you may want to choose an engagement ring with a touch of colour as a contemporary and stylish option.

2. Clarity

Most diamonds will contain inclusions, flaws which are known as nature's 'birthmarks' or 'fingerprints'. Diamonds are rarely perfect, but the fewer inclusions, the more valuable the diamond will be. Most inclusions can't be seen by the naked eye meaning that they will not necessarily affect the beauty of your engagement ring, however, the clarity of the diamond is worth considering.

3. Carat

A diamond's carat measures the weight not the size of a diamond. A diamond with a large carat weight will make it a valuable diamond because of its rarity; however, a diamond can appear larger than its actual weight depending on the way it is cut and set. If the engagement ring you choose is a diamond cluster ring, the carat weight refers to the total weight of all the stones together.

4. Cut

A rough crystal is turned into a polished diamond by skilled craftsmen who aim to bring out the brilliance in each and every diamond. This is done by cutting a diamond with fine symmetry, proportions and angles which make good use of light by allowing it to be dispersed and reflected from one facet to another. A well cut diamond will sparkle and glisten. To find the perfect engagement ring, study the diamonds brilliance and beauty and spend some time choosing the right one for you.

The Shape

Cut can sometimes refer to the shape of the diamond and there are many shapes available. The round brilliant cut diamond is a true classic and the most popular diamond shape there is. It suits any setting and ring style and is completely timeless.

A princess cut diamond is a square shape with a brilliant cut; it gives a fresh modern look whilst a cushion cut is hugely popular choice with the celebrities. It is a rounded square or rounded rectangular shape, which highlights the diamond brilliance. This shape will often make use of big or fancy coloured diamonds.

A marquise diamond cut will maximise the carat weight and give a much larger looking diamond. A heart-shaped diamond is a romantic choice and suits an engagement rings purpose of an expression of love. The emerald cut is another very popular choice and it is the special 'step-like' cut which highlights the diamond clarity. Oval shaped diamonds can vary in length to width ratio offering a unique style whilst pear shaped diamonds will elongate the fingers and make them look slimmer.

Find the perfect ring

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L'Atelier Leo 18ct white gold 0.75ct diamond ring
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Leo 18ct white gold diamond
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Leo 18ct white gold 0.75ct diamond ring
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L'Atelier The Diamond Story 18ct white gold diamond ring
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The Diamond Story 18ct ring
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The Diamond Story 18ct white gold diamond ring
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L'Atelier Tolkowsky 18ct white gold diamond twist ring
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18ct white gold diamond twist
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Tolkowsky 18ct white gold diamond twist ring
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L'Atelier Tolkowsky 18ct white gold half carat diamond solitaire ring
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18ct white gold ring
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Tolkowsky 18ct white gold half carat diamond solitaire ring
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