The struggle is real...

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Oh summer, fleeting yet so glorious—why does your departure always feels like a heartache? Moving through the seasons can be tumultuous, but it can also be motivating and spark new projects or thoughts. Here’s how to make it through the transition from beach days to dark days.

1. Book a workshop or learn something new

If summer is for socialising and winter is for nesting, then the shoulder seasons are for getting life in order. Leave the workout regime to spring, and spend autumn learning something new that will see you through those long, dark weekends. Got a side hobby that you want to move into a side project? Now’s the time.



2. Set intentions for the coming season

The most effective way of getting over the blues is to take back control. Start by asking yourself why you’re feeling the way you do. Journaling in the morning or before bed is an effective way to spot patterns, and really get to know yourself. Unlike resolutions, setting intentions will move you through change and empower yourself to live in possibility.

3. Plan into the future

What’s better than having something to look forward to? It’s best to do this right off the back of sunny days, before indecision and guilt starts to seep in. Try to plan something for every month, even if it is just a cinema trip or coffee with a friend —it feels good to do something fun regularly. If you’re feeling flush, you can never regret booking an autumn getaway.



4. Rotate your wardrobe

Nothing signifies the end of summer more than the sombre day your embroidered dresses and off-the-shoulder tops get vacuum packed and put back into storage for another year. If it feels kinder, try slowly merging your summer outfits with chunkier knits and coats layered over summer pieces, but come October, it’s best to hit reset and fully transition into your cold-weather wardrobe.


5. Live in denial

Still not convinced? Go your own way and deny the turning temperatures. You’ll likely only last until September sans jacket, but if you can only be jolted by shock tactics, this is the way to go. Your work colleagues might have something to say when you’re blasting the ‘song of the summer’ through your headphones, but we’re sure you can get them on side with a frozen margarita at happy hour

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