Le Pain Quotidien Energising juices

To celebrate the arrival of Le Pain Quotidien, we’re kickstarting the new season with one of  their mood-boosting juices...

From organic tartines to homemade soups, the seasonal dishes are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and uplifted. To celebrate the restaurants arrival, we’re kickstarting the new year with one of their energising green juices...

One a Day Green Juice (serves 2)

800 grams seasonal apple
150 grams celery
75 grams Swiss chard
25 grams ginger
150 ml orange juice
20 ml lime juice

Measure all ingredients (keep the stalks on Swiss chard)

Transfer into a bowl and wash with cold water

Start to run the juicer and press through all ingredients with the following steps:

- Celery with ginger
- Apples with Swiss chard

Transfer the juice into a container

Add orange juice and, lime juice and mix together

Serve immediately garnished with a wedge of lime or any fruit or vegetable of your choosing