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Exclusive Interview with presenter and fashion journalist Louise Roe

Louise Roe Q&A

In our exclusive interview with presenter, model and fashion journalist Louise Roe, we find out all about Brides do Good, the Oscars, wardrobe must-haves and her beautiful Pronovias wedding dress. 

You are donating your own beautiful Pronovias wedding dress to the boutique; how important is it for you to be involved with Brides do Good?

For me this was amazing timing as I only got married in October and soon after I was approached about donating my dress. For me it was a no brainer! I had no idea there was such a problem with underage marriage and the juxtaposition of having such a beautiful dress created with personal fittings in Spain that was only to be worn once, next to having the opportunity to let someone else enjoy it all for a such a great cause, made perfect sense to me. 

As a recent bride, what tips would you give to someone planning their wedding this year?

First, do your research: arm yourself with pictures but keep an open mind. Don’t take an entourage of people, as it can be quite an emotional moment – maybe just ask your mum and best friend. Make sure you present yourself well; put on make-up and don’t try on dresses wearing ankle socks! Also, take a video as it’s good to see how the dress moves rather than just looking back at still photographs. Take a keen interest in the back detail of the dress (as this is what most of the congregation will be looking at!)

You have a fantastic book titled How to be the leading lady in your own life; can we expect any more book releases in the near future?

Actually, I am in discussions and starting to write a wedding-themed book…

You are a lady of many talents: author, journalist, blogger, presenter – which of these do you most enjoy and why?

I love the fact that I get to do all these things. There is nothing like the adrenalin of hosting from the Oscars contrasting with the ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ vibe of writing from home in my pyjamas!

What new and exciting things can we expect from FrontRoe this year? 

Next stop the Oscars, where I will be reporting for NBC. I have lots of travel lined up as I head to Bermuda with their tourist board, then off to New York for Elizabeth Arden – most of my career is absorbed within my blog.

When working to camera, what style tips can you give for creating the perfect presenting outfit?  

Fit – it is the one of the most important things and it’s true that the camera adds 10lbs, so it’s important not to wear anything shapeless. Colour is important too, not black and white as these can strobe. Don’t experiment with new hair styles or make-up – be yourself.

What are your top five wardrobe must-haves that you can’t live without?

For this spring – my favourite items would be culottes, a good pair of loafers or a pair slides, a vintage T-shirt, an oversized denim jacket, a silk slip and a hat like a Panama or large-brimmed hat (… actually six or seven must-haves! ;-).

With your finger firmly on the pulse of fashion, what key trends will you be following this year?

I love simplicity and particularly like the European styles of the French and Italian brands. I would suggest keeping with culottes for next winter but maybe in leather or cord, I love mustard yellow – so something in this shade – in velvet as a dress or top – and a good pair of block-heeled ankle boots – maybe textured or in patent leather – and last, I would recommend a shearling coat for a touch of ‘Del Boy’.

As you spend so much time on the move do you have any top tips for travelling? 

I always travel with a cashmere beanie hat and an eye mask made of silk and filled with lavender. I use SK2 Essence, as recommended by Cate Blanchett, and Skinceuticals B12 hydrating mask. I allow myself one glass of red wine to help me sleep and then try to drink a bottle of coconut water to make up for the dehydration!

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