Malory Torr - Live

Performed on Friday 26 May - watch the performance on Facebook 

22-year-old London singer/songwriter Malory Torr is often described as ‘quirky and unusual’. Malory has a rare sound using a combination of ukulele, guitar and banjo to create her indie/pop originals.

Melory Torr


Which artists old or new inspire you the most?  "I grew up obsessed with Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple but have recently been very inspired by MØ, Oh Wonder and ShyKids."

When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea?  "It alternates between having a melody first, be that on piano or guitar and following it with lyrics that seem to suit the key/melody or writing lyrics and finding something to go with them."

Are there any producers or artists you would love to collaborate with?  "I've recently been listening to Declan McKenna he's got a really fun vibe lyrically so he would be cool to work with. Also Lorde, Honne or Sylvan Esso would be amazing to collab with. Jaquire King, Joel Little or Jack Antonoff would be a couple dream producers to write and produce with."

What is your go to track of the moment?  "I was made to listen to Dylan by my father from a young age and have loved discovering more and more of his tracks over the years. So I've recently had 'Things Have Changed' on repeat."

Do you prefer performing live or studio recording?  "If I had to choose between doing one or the other I'd have to say studio recording. Just because that's really the most creative part of the process."

What’s next for you this year?  "I'll be releasing a succession of singles unveiling my new 'sound'. It's been a while in the making and I can't wait to put out some great music videos and start performing live again too."

Who are your style icons and why?  "I've always been a huge admirer of Chloë Sevigny, she's got the effortless look down. I also follow Pheobe Lettice Thompson on Instagram and love getting inspo from her crazy styling."

What’s your ‘go to’ item of clothing for any stage performance? "I found this insane jumpsuit when I was in Poland last year. It's spandex and sequins bright blue, orange and looks like space suit from a different planet."

Why are you excited to perform at Bicester Village?  "My new style of music is based more on keys and electronic elements so this Bicester Village show will be a lovely chance for me to go back to my roots and perform some of my folk/ blues and acoustic style songs."