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Create your dream wedding bouquet with top tips from expert florist Nikki Tibbles...

What led you into the world of floristry?
I used to work in advertising but got involved in arranging the flowers for a close friend’s wedding, and loved it. Floristry seemed like the perfect way to express my creativity as I can’t paint or draw and I knew it was the career for me, so I got a job with a small florist and then the opportunity for the turquoise island became available.

What are your favourite wedding flowers?
It’s so hard to choose an overall favourite as it very much depends on the season, venue, location etc… However, in general my favourite flowers are garden roses or anything English, like peonies or sweet peas. They are classic and luxurious with amazing colours and textures. They also always smell so fragrant.

Which flower do you think is the most romantic?
Well, it has to be the rose. Not only are they beautiful and scented, but they also have such a wonderful meaning. In Victorian times, a yellow rose defined everlasting love while a red rose signified passion. Every colour had a meaning which is very romantic. I think they make the perfect wedding flower as they typify love and sensuality and luxury and opulence, plus the fragrance is so provocative.

What’s a good starting point for a couple to plan their flowers?
Think about how you want to feel on your wedding day and create a mood board as your starting point. Use Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and to find images of your favourite flowers, as well as ideas you have gathered from other weddings. Your florist can then use this to make suggestions and recommend flowers that are in season and suit your theme and the venue – which really sets the tone.

Does flower seasonality matter?
Yes, definitely. Considering the season when planning your wedding flowers is very important. Certain flowers may be impossible to find out of season, and quality is quite often compromised when importing them. Instead, think about the colours and the overall effect you like, so you can find seasonal flowers which work with your palette and budget.

What are the key floral wedding trends for 2016?
We’ve seen a huge trend for simple but generous arrangements which are understated, elegant and luxurious. Natural cream and nude tones are always popular for weddings, but we’re also seeing highlights of tonal colour - like dirty pink and apricot blush - with crystal and gold accents.

What makes the perfect bouquet?
The perfect bouquet always works in harmony with the colour scheme and overall look and feel of the day, so consider all of these factors carefully. It’s also important to design a bouquet which is in proportion with you and your dress - reflecting its shape, fabric and texture. For example, if you’re wearing a structured dress try beautiful dome of roses, whereas if your dress is more flowing try something softer, like a trailing bouquet. It has to feel comfortable too, so we always make a sample for your final fitting.

What would you suggest for a statement floral display?
Arches of flowers make an instant impact. They perfectly frame the couple during the ceremony and can be built to suit your colour scheme and venue. It’s a simple idea, but looks really impactful and can work within any budget.

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