Olympic medal-winning! An Interview with Nile Wilson

Q&A with Nile Wilson

We have had the wonderful privilege to meet Olympic gymnast and horizontal bar bronze medal winner, Nile Wilson. A key member of the silver-medal winning British team at the 2015 World Gymnastic Championship, Wilson also became a five times gold medallist at the European Junior Gymnastics Championships, and in the same year he won four additional medals – including gold – at the Commonwealth games. He joined us for a jaw-dropping demonstration of his amazing skills on the pommel horse, and to talk to us about life, training, health, travel and all things Olympic medal-winning!

What age were you when you realised gymnastics was for you?

I started when I was four but it was when I was going into my early teens that I knew I had an opportunity to make the Olympics. Coaches kept telling me I was talented enough to do so. But ever since I started I have absolutely loved the sport and it is my passion.

Many aspiring gymnasts look up to you, who inspired you when you were younger?

The GB team guys who were competing at the London 2012 Olympics, like Louis Smith and Max Whitlock. I'm now lucky to be very good friends with them as well as team mates.

What tips would you give aspiring young athletes?

It has to be your passion – if you have fun and enjoy it, you'll work harder and do better. Write your goals down – seeing them on paper makes a big difference. Hard work – there is no substitute for it!

What is your favourite area of gymnastics – parallel bars, still rings, pommel horse or something else?

Parallel and high bars. Those are the ones I have the most fun with and am best at.

Where do you find the inspiration for new routines? Do you take inspiration beyond gymnastics?

Inspiration comes from what's going on in the world. I also get inspired by young gymnasts coming through and pushing me. That inspires me to work harder to find new routines.

What is your go-to workout song?

I love house music! No specific song, just bangin' house tracks!

You like to eat a clean and healthy balanced diet, what are the key things you try to eat or avoid?

Nutrition is vital in our sport. Muscle recovery is the key so I get protein in with every meal – lean meat, eggs, fish and milk. I try and avoid things like takeaways.

What is your favourite country that you have visited or competed in so far?

Sydney, Australia. I was 17 when I went there and it was incredible.

Where are you travelling to next?

The World Championships are in Montreal in Canada towards the end of the year, so hopefully then.

Where’s home?

Leeds. I've lived in Pudsey since I was seven. I love Leeds, it's my favourite city.

Do you have any lucky rituals before performing?

I steer away from rituals and superstitions, but I do like to stick to routines with things like my diet and warm-ups

When you are not training, what do you like to do?

I love seeing my family and friends. My family keeps me grounded. I love playing golf with my dad and I have been into PlayStation and gaming in the past. I'm into editing videos now and I have my own YouTube channel, which is really exciting.

When you are not training or having a night out with friends, what would be your outfit of choice?

I love dressing smart – skinny jeans, smart shirt, belt and blazer, plus some Chelsea boots. And I have an aftershave called Creed, which smells incredible!

What is next for you this year?

Goals – I've been injured so first of all getting over that and then it is making the World Championships in October. I want to take my gymnastics to the next level this year and, obviously, keep enjoying it.

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