Sasha Brown - Live

Live on Friday 28 July 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Sasha Brown is an exciting singer, songwriter and saxophonist who effortlessly inhabits the space between electro pop and soul. Whether performing aching ballads like Home, or charming crowds at festivals, Sasha enchants audiences with her electric repertoire.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most?
"I grew up on great female vocalists and writers such as Carole King, Whitney Houston and Gabrielle. I’ve always loved pop music. When I started playing the sax at 8, I made my teacher write out all of the letters on the music sheet so that I could play the ABBA album because I couldn’t read music at the time.
I’m in awe of Tove Lo and Sia. I think they’re authentic and I like how they take artistic control over their projects. The whole concept of the dancer, Maddie, in Sia’s videos and campaign is on another level."

When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea?
"It always starts with a feeling. It has to or it doesn’t mean anything! I usually get into the studio and we chat about life. It’s funny, you’re often working with new people and you just have to spill your life story and emotions to them. If you’re co writing, you need to be really open.

I’m always writing down words I like or that feel nice to say. I like to create strong visuals in my lyrics and music. I remember reading an interview with Tom Odell, where he described the depth he went into during writing sessions. He remembered the girl’s coat hanging on the back of her chair, the flicker of the candles and the smells wafting through the room. He didn’t write all of this in his song, but he was totally immersed in it. If you want people to get you and your music, to feel what you’re, then they have to be totally immersed nd you need to do this in very few words in pop music."

Are there any producers or artists you would love to collaborate with?
"I don’t even know where to begin. Max Martin goes unsaid right?
I’d love to work with Asia Whiteacre. She did Hailee Steinfeld’s song, ‘Starving’ and was also a co writer on the Astrid S record, ‘Breathe’, which I’m obsessed with! There are also these two Swedish producers from the production team, Wolf Cousins (Oscar Holter and Rickard Göransson).They did Tove Lo’s album and are a bit of a dream for me. There’s also this producer Sky Adams who just did Zak Abel’s album. He’s pretty cool.
Artists-Sia, Tove Lo, Astrid S, The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren-she is soooo awesome. I’m so glad she’s put out her first single!"

What is your go to track of the moment?
"A record called ‘Show Me The Way To Go Home’ written in 1925 by James Campbell and Reginald Connelly. My parents used to sing it on late night drives and now when I’m a little tired and a little tipsy, I tend to sing it…regardless of where I am. As the story goes, the guys actually wrote the song on a train journey, feeling a bit sleepy after a few too many drinks!

Just to take back a little street cred, ALMA is pretty awesome. That tune ‘Chasing Highs’ is right up there."

Do you prefer performing live or studio recording?
"I’m a bit of a perfectionist so the studio is good for that. I also really love writing sessions, they can be so cathartic and it feels really good to walk into a studio with nothing and walk out with your next single or just a tune that you feel really strongly about! Having said that, there’s nothing better than the adrenaline kick of a live gig, playing to your audience and seeing how they react to the show. Do I have to pick?"

Are you heading to or performing at any festivals this year?
"I’m kicking off festival season with Close Up Promotions Festival, I’m playing MADA music showcase at the Groucho club on the 5TH June and I’m also playing at Secret Garden Party, which is pretty cool seeing as it’s their last year! Waiting back on a few more confirmations.
I’ll also be heading to The Great Escape, Wireless, Lovebox, Electic Castle- Banffy castle in Romania and I imagine a few more! Festival season is my favourite, plus I often get passes through having a radio show on Hoxton radio. (Mondays 12-2pm cheeky plug there-sorry)"

What’s next for you this year?
"I’ll be releasing my debut single, ‘Parallel’ in June. I’ve had some feat release with Radio 1 support in the past and now I’m really excited to release my own music!
‘Parallel’ was co written with Joe Kearns and Jason Elliot who are pretty awesome writers and producers. The work with Ellie Goulding and people much bigger than me so I’m really excited to be working with them! I shot the video last weekend, which is a collaborative video with fashion designer, Charli Cohen, who is currently getting much love from the likes of Vogue Magazine and ID. I’ve been following her on twitter for years now admiring her work, so it’s mad to now be working together!"

Who are your style icons and why?
"Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne. They just look good in everythingggggg. Dua Lipa is also pretty cool isn’t she? Tove Lo just doesn’t give a ****. I love that.
I’m actually really into fashion so I’m pretty excited that my debut music video is in collaboration with Charli Cohen."

What’s your ‘go to’ item of clothing for any stage performance?
"I do like jackets. They make you feel kinda powerful on stage. Something a little baggy on top but short, showing a little leg. Comfy shoes are a must, I need to be able to move on stage."

Why are you excited to perform at Bicester Village
"My mum and I used to go to Bicester Village for treat days! I love fashion so any collaboration between music and fashion for me is pretty cool.
I want to play my music to an international audience and I’m also hyped to be working with Metropolis."

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