The Llamas - Live

Performed on Friday 9 June from 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Influenced by artists such as Mac Demarco, Jack Johnson, Homeshake and 1970s rock, The Llamas play lo-fi surf rock, all while championing good times and rhymes.


Which artists old or new inspire you the most?  “We're really inspired by the sounds of Mac Demarco, along with old '70's bands like Thin Lizzy and The Eagles.”

When you start working on a new idea or song what is the first thing you do to kick start the idea?  “The first thing I do when writing to kickstart the idea is, if we're writing as a band from scratch, we like to start with the beat; if you've got a good beat, you're halfway to having a good song. If I'm writing in my own (Josh Martin, vocals and guitar) then I'll start with the chord progression, see if it inspires me.”

Are there any producers or artists you would love to collaborate with?  “There's a producer we love working with called Rob Macfarlane, he does Chase & Status stuff, Plan B as well, I believe. We worked with him once at Metropolis Studios and it was just so fun, and the best recording we've ever made. As for artists, I think we'd love to get in the writing room with Mac Demarco. Learn from the best.”

What is your go to track of the moment?  "Every time we're driving back to Guildford from London or wherever we've gone, we play The boys are back in town as we come off the motorway into town. That's probably the go-to song. That and Institutionalised by Kendrick Lamar. K-dizzle.”

Do you prefer performing live or studio recording?  “We prefer performing live, definitely. There's something beautiful that happens during a live performance, a connection with the crowd. The crowd is really involved in a performance, I think they play a big part in its success. And when they have that moment of realisation that you're having as good of a time as they are, and it's taken to the next level of whatever is going on, I don't think studio can beat that feeling.”

What’s next for you this year?  “Well, we've just got a new drummer (Dan Henderson) so next for us this year is getting to be a tight musical unit of bro's. Once that's down we're going to finish work on our EP, which will hopefully be done for October time. We have some singles to release this summer, and some gigs to play.”

Who are your style icons and why? Josh - "I'm big into the stylings of the old psychedelic era, so a bit of Cream, a bit of the Jimi Hendrix experience. Bright colours and weird patterns go with our music. Also Johnny Depp's portrayal of Hunter S Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, that had a profound impact on my dress sense. Dan is into Jim Morrison and Ryan Gosling too, because "he's the man".”

What’s your ‘go to’ item of clothing for any stage performance? Sim - "I like my suspenders. They're a bit worn out but they hold my trousers up."

Josh - "It changes a lot. I have a large selection of interesting shirts though, I like to keep them on rotation. Paisley and Hawaiian dinner shirts, stuff like that. Right now it's a silky black shirt sleeve with big sleaves on it."

Why are you excited to perform at Bicester Village?  “We're excited to play at Bicester Village because for one it's going to be a lovely day out, and that always hypes us. Mostly though, it's just a good opportunity – it has partnered with Metropolis Studios and we love doing work with them, and it's a good opportunity to play our music to an international crowd, spread our musical seed to all corners of the globe.“

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