Top tips on choosing the perfect suit

Men's Spotlight

Top tips with stylist Jo Hambro .

Autumn/Winter Style

It’s the hero piece of a man’s wardrobe and the most versatile staple of them all. Designed for work, play and everything in between, a man’s suit is his secret weapon – his trump card, if you will. We caught up with renowned stylist and creative director Jo Hambro to tap her unrivalled insider knowledge. Jo started her career at British Vogue in 1986 before moving to Country Life and the Independent, then took on the role of Creative Fashion Director at British GQ until 2015. With a professional eye for the season’s must-have trends, Jo shares her top tips on choosing the perfect suit.

The fit

According to Jo, proportion is everything. “If you’re more than six feet tall, ask for a long fit. If you’re six feet or under, choose a regular fit.” The giveaway of an ill-fitting jacket is an uneven silhouette. Choose a single-breasted jacket with double vents for a clean line.

The colour

When it comes to investing in a suit, it’s important to choose a colour that’s suitable for all manner of occasions. If it fits well and flatters your form, trust us, you won’t want to take it off. “Choose either dark blue or mid grey for your suits; they’re both timeless and versatile.”

The trousers

Suit trousers come with a few unwritten rules that will become gospel during your search for the perfect suit. “Trousers with two pleats should have two turn-ups, while flat-fronted trousers (no pleats) should have none. If you opt for single-pleat trousers, turn-ups are a personal preference.” 



Choose either dark blue or mid grey for your suits; they’re both timeless and versatile

Jo Hambro

The shirt

It’s often seen as the ‘supporting artist’, but a suit is nothing without a good shirt. Jo suggests opting for lighter shades: “Blue and grey team beautifully with crisp white shirts and pastels. It’s always worth investing in a white double-cuff shirt.” For colder days, layer your shirt with a fine-knit V-neck or crew-neck jersey in a classic hue. “The shirt will look good unbuttoned or with a tie.“

The finishing touches

The final touches can make or break an outfit, but if you stick to these rules you can’t go far wrong. Firstly, avoid brown at all costs: “Pair classic black brogues with a dark suit – never brown! Similarly, your socks should be dark or charcoal grey; avoid loud colours or white at all costs.” And what about that novelty tie you get every year for Christmas? Ditch it. “Wear a classic tie in navy, burgundy or racing green, either plain or with a timeless vintage print. Never choose a loud pattern.” 


Blue and grey team beautifully with crisp white shirts and pastels.

Jo Hambro