Wedding Hair: Gustave Fouche

From hydration techniques to post-colour care Gustav Fouche shares his top tips for enviable wedding day hair…

1. Hydration is so important for healthy hair - you want your locks to be looking shiny and glossy on the big day. Drink plenty of water and treat yourself to two intensive treatments each week.

2. Be sure to have regular trims, even if you are trying to grow your hair - split or dry ends can really spoil the final look.

3. Whilst a touch of colour can give you definition and movement, don’t over do it or go to blocky as you can easily damage the hair’s natural shine.

4. Shampoo the night before your big day and let it dry naturally. It allows the hair to settle and ensures it won’t be too soft for styling.

5. 2016 is all about plaits and hair with movement - keep the look natural and take care not over style.