Wedding style and accessories guide for men

The second part to our wedding edit for men, Daniel Johnson, stylist and expert on British tailoring and its history, offers his advice on men’s style and accessories for every kind of wedding.


White, fitted and ironed.

A white shirt provides a neutral palette to go with any suit or tie colour. Find one that fits perfectly and allow plenty of time to alter; the sleeve should show around 1.5cm outside the jacket sleeve for customary English sartorial style.

Brands: Reiss or Paul Smith


Black. This is an important day and you shouldn’t be turning up in shoes that can be likened to office wear, so no brown unless you’re in the country.

Ever since David Beckham wore brown shoes with a suit the ‘no brown around town’ rule was dead and the formality of black shoes with it. A brown shoe makes a look less formal, which is fine for a country wedding but nothing else.

Brands: Ted Baker or Hackett


Let’s be honest, your tie is coming off at some point, it might end up around your head or altogether lost, however – this is no excuse. Personally, I’d recommend a regular tie instead of a bow tie (save that for the evening or with a tuxedo).

The main rules to follow here are on colour – choose the one that complements your wedding's colour scheme. If the theme of the event is gold, then a great complementary colour is royal blue.

Why choose a complementary colour rather than a matching colour? Because when those wedding photos are taken and there’s a shimmering gold background, you don’t want to just blend in.

Brands: Savoy Taylors Guild, Reiss or Brooks Brothers


Accessories can be used to make the groom standout from his groomsmen and the guests. The groom should be the most noticeable so a unique boutonniere works well.

Brands: Reiss

Another thing to consider is the pocket square; I always advise my clients to be minimal here, so as not to cause a visual distraction away from the face of the groom. A plain white with a square fold works well.

Brands: dunhill, Reiss or Brooks Brothers


Should be worn by all – get a great pair, maybe even commemorative design.

Brands: dunhill


Buy your best man a leather coin purse from dunhill, because he will never lose such a beautifully made thing – put the ring inside it for safe keeping.


Just like the groom shouldn’t upstage the bride, if you’re a groomsmen you shouldn’t outshine the groom. The best way to stop this from happening is to not match your outfit to the grooms – make him look like the boss. Let him wear his boutonniere and pocket square proudly and keep your outfit subtle – groomsmen need to blend into the background.

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