Wedding Tips: Lily Vanilli

Lily Vanilli’s Top Five Tips For Choosing a Wedding Cake

Creating sweet treats for clients including Alexander McQueen and House of Holland, artisan baker Lily Vanilli is on hand to help you find the perfect wedding cake…

1. Decide on Flavour
Start with a flavour - make sure the cake is going to be something you both actually want to eat! What's your favourite cake? This can influence the design too.

2. Seek Inspiration
Have a look at Pinterest or elsewhere and start building a mood board, it doesn't have to be just cake references, just look for colours, details and shapes that you really like as everything is useful when it comes to building the design.

3. Decide On The Size
Think about size and shape - how many guests? How many tiers?

4. Consider The Location
Think about the location it will be in - is the wedding outside? Will it be in a very warm place? Will there be a good position in the room for the cake to be viewed from? All these things might affect what you can make your cake with.

5. Set The Budget
Think about budget, what do you really want to spend?

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Lily Vanili

The founder of one of London's greatest cake bakeries, shares her inspiration for wedding cakes...


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