ChangeGroup Tax Refunds & Money Exchange

ChangeGroup provide tax refunds and Money Change at their boutique. Please see below for eligibility criteria.

Whether you wish to change currency to British Pounds, Euro, US dollars, Qatari riyals or, in fact, more than 40 currencies from around the world, come along to ChangeGroup located next to the Bicester Visitor Centre, where we can change your currency into pounds for you to spend in the Village.

ChangeGroup will also be offering a tax refund service where you are able to obtain your VAT refund on site rather than at the airport.

To be eligible to claim your VAT back at ChangeGroup you must fit the below criteria

  1. You must live outside the EU.
  2. Minimum spend is £50 (per voucher). Maximum spend is £3,000 (per voucher).
  3. You should have a valid passport with you on the day (photographs or photocopies are accepted).
  4. You must have a valid credit card (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX) with a minimum validity of 3 or 6 months (dependant on tax-free provider).
  5. The tax refund voucher must be signed by the retailer and be fully completed by you.
  6. You need to obtain a Customs stamp when you exit the EU and must post the completed stamped form, in the envelope provided, back to the tax-free provider within 21 days of obtaining the refund.
  7. If the completed stamped form is not received within this time the pre-authorised credit card will be debited for the amount of the cash refund plus penalty/administration fees.

For anything outside of these parameters the customer should be directed to the airport as normal.

ChangeGroup, located next to the Bicester Visitor Centre, opens 30 minutes after the Village opens and closes 30 minutes after the Village closes.

Exempt goods and services include childrenswear, basic foods, books and services.

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